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Q & A: What is the best position to burp a baby?

Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

question of Debs .? What is the best position to burp a baby
I remember my midwife told me it was to “sit” the best my baby on her lap to keep his chin and stroked his back, but I had my last baby 8 years ago and I’m afraid the advice I had then is somewhat outdated kaufen.Welche your position more effectively, burp your baby? I say outdated advice as I was also told cereal put in my baby bottle weaning, at 3 months and to water that I know now, all are definitely no, Best answer’s no, give .

response from Pamela
I had my son in the 7th and I burp him, as you say, with him sitting on my lap and his chin in my hand and I pat his back. I think he allot easier to burp Sun

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