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Can anyone recommend a car seat for a long baby in Britain?

Posted in Child Support on 18th September 2013

Can anyone recommend a car seat for a long baby in Britain?
Hello, my baby almost five months old and 20 pounds. It is a very long baby. He has almost grown its Jane Strata car seat. I know that he is not in a forward-facing car seat UNTIL he has to go at least 1 year old. Can anyone recommend a rear-facing baby seat for the bigger baby? I’m in the UK so that I can buy here I must. Thanks Best Answer (s):

answer by KC
Britax TWE. It has the highest shell on the European market and allows your baby to stay RF to £ 55! (And it five times safer than a child in direction of travel). See it here: if you do not want to buy from abroad, go here: and find a provider near you. But for a large infant, I would gehen.Jetzt for Britax TWE I know what you’re thinking, why is 5 times safer to keep a child facing backwards? Start Daughter is 22 months 25 pounds and is in an RF Brio Zento. When she outgrows it, they will go into a Britax TWE to keep their RF least 5yo! 🙂 If you have any questions, take the “Extended Rear Facing Support” group in the community to You will not find any help from stores like Mothercare or Halfords. Since the recommendations are 9 kg for turning an infant FF in England, the high street stores are not legally and will not sell. So you can need to look further afield, as the second link I posted start. Good luck Ps A baby is a RF car seat outgrown when maximum weight and / or have reached, have less than 1 inch of hard shell above the head. Long legs are not one thing on his mind when he left bleiben.In this sense, many shell wrinkled legs is not a problem when RF. It _no_ documented cases of broken legs from a RF child was, but it has a lot of broken neck / spine injuries, cases of internal decapitation and even death of FF children. So, viewed from this standpoint, would you choose? Broken legs can be fixed. Broken necks / spines not. 🙂