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Breast Feeding| Premature Child Care

Posted in Child Care on 11th September 2011

Breast Feeding| Premature Child Care

Breast milk is best for your child, breastfeeding, especially for premature child care often the only thing you can actively do. The problem arises only when the mother and child does not receive the full support that is needed here.

Although the number of baby-friendly hospitals is increasing and also the nurses informed accordingly or even to further training in lactation, they still sometimes take on the opinion that breastfeeding would be exhausting for the premature baby, thus, they give them milk from the bottle. It is, however, that the milk is flowing as soon as the milk-ejection reflex begins and this is even easier for the child makes to suck.

The real problem is rather the fact that the nurses may not have the necessary skills or simply do not have time! It can also cause problems or be stressful when the child is not done properly. Therefore it is important to let it show if necessary. Most of the problems which e.g. also include inflammation of the nipples are the result of applying incorrect. Therefore: If you decided to breastfeed your child, first congratulations! This is the best that can happen. Do they not clear, however, for some reason, there is contact with the creating or lack of support, do not hesitate to their midwife or a lactation consultant! “Breast milk is best for your child” – but is this also applies for premature babies? Especially for premature babies, it is especially valuable if they can get milk!

With joy you can observe that there are more and more so-called “baby-friendly hospitals”. Some mothers have (unjustified) doubt that breast milk should be enough even with a preterm infant, the pregnancy and thus the milk production still not “ready” was. However, this is a fallacy! It is proved that the more immature the baby is born, the more accurate the composition of breast milk adapted to the nutrients that the child would receive through the placenta. Breast milk has a higher content of antibodies, nitrogen, sodium, chloride, iron, fatty acids and protein. Similarly, scientific studies show that babies are feed on breast milk feeding tube, the tube feeding is better tolerated. For very small premature infants, it can still happen that the milk must be enriched. Here are feed mostly calcium, phosphate, iron, sodium, trace elements, vitamins, proteins, fats and MTC-energy in the form of carbohydrates. More help: more calories can be reached by the cream up expressed breast milk in the fridge! The higher fat milk is made up from skim so that they can off the target. Another possibility would be pump the breast before and absorb the following caloric milk. The milk-fat would come out if the breast is warmed and massaged.

Premature babies need more intensive treatment than the other. Thus, give the best premature child care for your premature baby; one way is by breast feeding.

Best Double Electric Breast Pump for Working Mothers

Posted in Working Mothers on 17th January 2011

Best Double Electric Breast Pump for Working Mothers

Mothers who have to pump their breast milk at least once a day should consider investing in a double electric breast pump. This device is very useful especially for working mothers who need to drain their breast effectively to maintain their breast milk supply. A double electric pump saves time because both breasts can be pumped at once, instead of only one side at a time. It is also portable and durable enough to withstand frequent travel to the office.

Some double pumps are battery-powered. A few manual pumps also exist. These types of double breast pumps have lower suctioning power, particularly the manual type. The manual types can be tiring to use if breast milk has to be expressed regularly. Electric models are sturdier and more reliable but can cost a few hundred dollars. Hospital models are the most reliable and effective and they can be easily converted to double.

A double pump consists of suctioning equipment that uses two cups. This type saves time and prevents milk from being wasted. Because both breasts are in cups, milk leaking from the breasts is automatically saved in the milk collection apparatus.

The Playtex Embrace comes with a hospital-grade motor. It features unique soft breast cups that give a realistic feel of a baby’s mouth. The pump has five suction and speed levels and comes with a carrying case.
Best Double Electric Breast Pump for Working Mothers
Other models are available, including the Ameda Purely Yours and the Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump.

breast feeding pain (20 characters)?

Posted in Toddlers on 19th December 2010

breast feeding pain (20 characters)?
I have a nursing 14 month old and have been experiencing some breast feeding pain.

has anyone ever experienced nipple pain while *ovulating*? I got my period back at a year post partum and I had a bout of the same pain around that time too (I attributed it to teething I guess) and I am due for my next period in a few weeks, so I should be ovulating around now. has anyone ever experienced this? it feels like he’s biting me and it’s uncomfortable throughout our nursing sessions but his latch is fine and it always has been.

he is currently teething again I think but he’s got 8 teeth and it wasn’t this bad with the first 8 so I don’t know why things would change now. I don’t think it’s thrush either because he doesn’t have any white patches or anything in his mouth, nor do I have anything on my breasts. I’m not pregnutz either.

so…could it be that I’m ovulating and that could be causing the pain? that’s the only thing going on with my body now that’s different. any input would be great! aside from the “you’re nursing a toddler?!?!?!?” type of input. leave that at the door.

thanks in advance.

Best answer(s):

Answer by bubs
Your nursing a toddler than good on you. I only got to 4 months with my last one as he kept biting me with his teeth. Cheeky thing he was. Maybe i will have more luck with my 4 week old daughter.

I had a friend who got breast/nipple pain everytime she breastfeed her daughter at a certain time of the month and when she went to the doctors the theory the doctor could come up with was that she was ovulating. This happened for her from 6 months until she stopped feeding at 8 months.

Hope this helps 🙂

Answer by mama_of2_2007
i breastfed till my son was 15 months old. and my nipples also started to hurt. but mostly cause they kid wants more out of you then you can just make right now. you might be ovulating but that shouldn’t affect your nipples. have you tried to start weaning. if so he might be trying to eat more just because he doesn’t eat as often and he knows that it is just mommy and him time. nothing wrong with feeding him still and i am with you i hate ppl who judge cause of it. it is natural.

Answer by Jada’s mommy
You are absolutely right with the ovulation. During that time for me felt the exact same way (and my baby didn`t have any teeth yet) God bless our lovely hormones 😉

Answer by Jorge’s Mommy *te amo pio*
You know… I had the exact same problem.
It was really weird because the latch was fine but I knew for a fact he was biting me since his little teeth marks would be imprinted on my nipple after.
At first I would remove him and re-position, but it wouldn’t work.
I don’t know if ovulation has anything to do with it because I got my period back 3 days after my postpartum bleeding stopped.
He started doing it around the 12-13 month period when he was also teething. Now at 15 months he just got his first molars.
I really just thought it had to do with teething.
I am sorry I can’t really answer your question… but know you are not alone! =D

Answer by Smurfy Keeps Going and Going
I have cycle-related soreness as well. It starts around ovulation and starts to ease up right before my period starts. Sometimes, it lasts until after my period starts. If you ask me, it sounds like your pain could definitely be ovulation related.

However, I’ve found that teething gets worse with age, in my experience. What doesn’t bother their latch when they’re younger can really irritate them when they’re older. I’m sure it’s different for every mom and every baby, but that has been my experience. Teething can upset their latch since their gums hurt or feel funny, which can lead to soreness.

If the pain doesn’t ease up after your period comes or when his teeth get settled, I would look into thrush remedies. Pain that lasts that long could definitely be yeast related, and not all cases of thrush cause white patches or changes in the appearance of your nipples.