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Why should John Gosselin pay child support considering he hasn’t been the bread winner for the last few years?

Posted in Child Care on 25th December 2010

Why should John Gosselin pay child support considering he hasn’t been the bread winner for the last few years?
Reports are that Kate is seeking spousal and child support from John. If I’m not mistaken though, he’s been a stay-at-home father for the last few years while Kate did her book tours and such. So technically, shouldn’t she be the one paying spousal support to John? I mean, if the situation was flipped, everyone would say it was asinine. No one in their right mind would ask for spousal and child support from a stay-at-home mother, right? So why does Kate think she can get it from John? SHE’S the one that was making the money at the time of their split (aside from the show).

And when it comes to the children, they both have stated that they do the show to provide for the children, so rather than paying child support from one spouse or the other, all the money they’ve accumulated from the show should be put towards that. Right? Or is it not that simple?

**If you are one of those people that “don’t care” or don’t have an opinion on the matter, then please simply skip my question. I’m just honestly curious about the legalities of it is all.
Yes, I have three kids of my own, so I have a slight understanding of the cost. I just wondered about this specific situation since the show is supposedly done “100% for the kids”. I mean, is all that money gone already? And when it comes to the spousal support specifically, that’s what I don’t understand. She makes her money and he makes his money, so I don’t understand why she wants more of his money on top of the money she earns for herself.

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Answer by deaddolly
He had a job that he either quit or was fired from very recently. Legally, his share of the show was his income. He needs to pay support. He can’t just flit around and spend everything he makes, without contributing to these kids. Do you even have a clue how much it costs to raise 1 kid, let alone 8?

Answer by Linda R
He’s the father…that’s why. He did have a job…working in the computer field, therefore, he has income and must pay for the kids he fathered…..all 8 of them.
As for spousal support…..she should really get as much as she can.

Answer by sugar-glider queen
i think that he should have to contribute financially to HIS children. i can’t imagine what it must cost! and like the others said he works or worked until recently. so he is perfectly capable of getting a job. as far as spousal support it is ridiculous because they are kicking him from the show. it supposedly gonna be kate plus 8 now. spousal support is for a woman who has been a homemaker and is unable to financially care for herself. though he may be at a loss there because of the infidelity and flaunting it in front of the public.

on a side note the two of them need to quit bickering about money. those kids are suffering because they are making the divorce a nasty fight. and jon really had some nerve doing an interview talking about his hate for kate and how much he really loves his girlfriend. if he is so concerned about the kids then he would never do that because it is them it is going to hurt the most.

Answer by Kim S
He is such a immature guy hanging out with 22 year old Hailey Glassman and recklessly spending money that he’s stolen from his wife. I think it’s great that she is suing him for child support and Spousal support, maybe now he’ll grow up. I’m also glad that the Judge ordered him to return the money to their account.

Answer by Bibigirl
They both pay $ 7,500 a month for child support, he’s not the only one paying.

Answer by MAK
Gee I thought he could afford to pay for his children….he has money to spend on his diamond earrings and how MANY girlfriends has he had? no conscious.


I honestly think it’s to teach him a lesson for going out for the whole world to see him spending money like nobody’s business, when he’s not a celebrity with big time celebrity money.