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Republicans who gleefully point out Blue State budget deficits: What went wrong in Arizona?

Posted in Child Care on 13th November 2011

Republicans who gleefully point out Blue State budget deficits: What went wrong in Arizona?
“After cutting budgets significantly during the past two years, the state of Arizona this year is spending roughly $ 10.1 billion, but revenues of only $ 6.4 billion will be collected. $ 1.1 billion of federal stimulus money, coupled with additional cuts, fund sweeps, and sales of state buildings reduces the current-year shortfall to about $ 2 billion. The gap will grow to $ 3 billion-plus next year, and a structural deficit of similar size looms for as far as the eye can see.

The budget gap cannot be closed through spending cuts alone… The bottom line is, you could lay off every state employee and not begin to balance the budget. You could entirely eliminate funding for higher education and not come close. Ditto for welfare programs such as food stamps, TANF, the disabled, unemployment insurance, assisted living, and programs for children such as child abuse, child care, and foster care…”

Best answer(s):

Answer by martinmagini
Arizona has an enormous illegal alien problem

Answer by God’s Reporter
3 words: Governor Janet Napolitano

Answer by dwoodall
Lots of illegals in Arizona.

Should have an open season on them, then the budget will come back in line.

Answer by Burning Beard
Illegal immigration.

Answer by justaguy
same as everywhere else. the retail and financial sector collapsed, so those taxes disappeared. not the fault of arizonans per se.

Answer by George Washington Deux
What went wrong in Arizona?

Senator John McCain “I don’t understand the economy”

Answer by Tommie Truthteller
Janet Napolitano’s administration wrecked the state. And there is a huge illegal alien population there running up the cost of public services.

Answer by warren v
Aside form numerous illegals draining the system, I’m guessing their congressman refused the bribe from the White House to vote for the health care bill.

Answer by John gibson @foxnews.crap
arizona republicans control house ,senate and govenor ,Whats the problem with the conservatives here ? all talk
Gods reporter/ would that be like Obama blaming the economy on bush double standard here
gods reporter /tommie truthteller janet is not the govenor

Answer by Bob G…The return of
Obviously, you’d have to see where the money is going and what is coming in the answer that question. It’s still better than having a majority doing that, like the liberal states do.

At a guess, I’d say the economy is the biggest problem. However, we must also consider the source of the article which is college and therefore most likely liberal. It obviously is promoting tax increases rather than cutting federal or voter mandated expenses, which should both be considered first.

“Pure eyes, blue like a glassy bead —?

Posted in Child Care on 22nd November 2010

issue of Fender Bender : “Pure eyes, blue like a glassy bead — ?
“Pure eyes, blue like a glassy bead — you are always looking after me and I’m always looking at you Ah, you’re too kind — beautiful, unspoiled. So I’m so sad, I am suffering – – and so happy, it hurts I want to destroy and hurt yourself, what would you think if you knew how I felt If you smile just to say a word Even curses from your mouth would be like this..? beautiful as pearls. I my left hand put on the face, as if we were kissing. Then I suddenly have my thumb pushed deep into the eye socket. Abruptly, determined, like a hole drilled. And what would it be on? How Jelly ? Trembling with ecstasy, I adult mix it around and around, I must taste the warmth of your blood would cry How do you want to cry. “It hurts, it hurts! “As a cinnabar-red tears stream from the crushed eye? You may not know that was unbearable hunger I in the middle of the felt our kisses, so many of them I’ve stopped counting. As though drinking in your cries, I express my hope to bear: Bite your tongue shredding it, biting on his lips as if tasting your lipstick Oh, what would I reach for euphoric highs that my desires fulfilled like a greedy, gluttonous cur I longed for your cherry.. ..? enchant tinted cheeks, tasty enough to get my tongue I would surely be healed, and would cry like a child And your offer is ear It touches my cheek, I want to crawl it until my lips so I can have my teeth to sink meat. Her left ear, always hearing words whispered sweet as pie — I want to hear my true feelings. I have never lied, no … but I had my secrets. Ah, but what you need from me think? Do you hate me? “Are you afraid? As if invites you to the agony of the game is at the end if you want, you could destroy me — I would not care. As you wish, you may destroy me — I would not mind “ Best Answer.

reply VampireGurl
wow … blutigIch quite like it:)

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