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A friend of mine is being blackmailed for child support, what are his rights?

Posted in Child Support on 12th September 2012

A friend of mine is being blackmailed for child support, what are his rights?
Australian Law advice please! A friend of mine dated this lady for 1 month. Things were not working out so they went their separate ways. 1 month later she contacted him saying she was pregnant and he stated he didn’t want to make a commitment like that with her.

She recently gave birth and he isn’t on the birth certificate. Now she is blackmailing him with child support if he doesn’t comply with what she wants. Saying things like ” If you don’t do what i say i’ll make you pay child support” what are his legal rights? Does he have to pay child support if he isn’t on the birth certificate? Also, can he keep the text messages she sends stating – she doesn’t want him to pay anything and then blackmails him later on with child support – can he use these messages against her?
Serious answers only please! Men should have just as much rights as a woman and should not be forced in to parenthood just as much as a woman has rights to to keep the baby or not.

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Answer by CelestialNirvana
Tell him that he has the right to man up.

Answer by jazzy
If he is the father of the child he has to pay. If he has doubts he can take a paternity test

Answer by mnwomen
He needs to get a paternity test done. If the child is his then he has to help support it. If not then he is free and clear. If he did not want the responsibility of the child then he should not have had sex. Yes he has to pay even if he is not on the birth certificate once paternity is established. He can tell her to take him to court. The child’s welfare should be first and it is too late now to say he does not want it.

Answer by bleuroze
He has the right to pay child support if he’s the biological father whether he does what she wants or not. Since he’s very likely to pay eventually anyway, don’t comply with whatever demands she makes, just establish paternity ASAP and start paying before arrears start to accrue.

And the fact that you don’t like the answers you’ve gotten, doesn’t make them any less serious.

Answer by Katty
The mother cannot give away her rights to receive child support. That support is for the child not her. Only the court can say he does not have to pay child sit and will only do that if the child is adopted by another man. She can come back any time in 18 years and get backdated child support given he knows he is likely the father now. The text messages will only prove he has known at the child since birth and so will be liable for back support if she decides to get money from him later. It’s up to him to get the DNA test unless she goes after him now for support.