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What happens to my couisin for his 7th Get birthday?

Posted in Babysitting on 4th July 2013

What my couisin for his 7th Get birthday?
Idk what 7 year old boys want? I do not want to get him for the wrong thing, like Power Rangers or something aldo I hope you’re kidding. ‘(That’s terrible Best Answer (s):

a response from Tony Rice Eater ♣

Reply iBreezy ™
legos. (:

Reply by Ethan
ask him.

answer by Lyrics Junkie
Lego … they ‘re awesome and educational institutions (be they work brain) and they keep him busy for hours!

answer by Lady McBoob
A building like Lego or Bionicle set or something like that. versions you have for younger kids as well.

Reply toit
F * ck. He hit me, it …

Reply Tyhessia
A blue DSI game system all the guys love it

answer by Aldo
that’s what I got when I warhttp 7 :/ / euclid-spill/black-eye-close-up.jpgIch Uncle Joe did not like very much: (Get your cousin Power Rangers, Devils, when I say “baby sit” my little cousins, I see it as an excuse to to play with them

response from Nikki -. Suspended Again
some pokemon

response from the shop in China Just
now all the shops are back to school sales. could you made a whole row of pencils, crayons, colored pencils, a sketchbook, etc.

my dog ​​that I had for 15 years died on my birthday?

Posted in Working Mothers on 2nd December 2012

my dog ​​that I had for 15 years died on my birthday?
I just turned 19 yesterday and my dog ​​that I’ve had since I was 4 years old, died. it was really old and we all knew it was coming, but I loved her so much. and she was so sweet and caring and loved life so much. I miss them and I can not stop crying. Advice on how to cope with the loss Best Answer (s):

response from Marc Andre Fleury
put up pictures of her in the room and around your home. And when your ready, it usually helps to get a new dog, or some other type of animal, if your. Not ready for another dog

reply by Erica
ohh that’s so sad and unglücklich.Es is really no cure for dealing with loss, the best thing to do is to just let yourself of their emotions to be eaten, and the crying need for comfort. It will pass, and although you’ll always miss your dog let the mourning is done the best way to umzugehen.Der Sympathy

response from mouse
I had a similar experience when I was 8 years old and my pet mouse died (different, but I was very excited) on my birthday. I do not know if you can do it much, except to cry it out. She was very popular and grief is natural and healthy. Remember what a great dog she was and that she was a wonderful part of your life for 15 years. At the same time she was old, and it’s probably best for them. My only advice: Get lots of hugs

response from kimberley
Take hold out some of the things that help you to remember them as leashes, tags, toys etc . You could also use a photo album specifically with your dog’s photo. I have these things when I lost my dog ​​back years. It is a terrible thing to go through and I can sympathize completely. Give yourself all the time you need to grieve, and over time you will begin to feel like you again – of course you will never forget your dog, but you will be able to move. Very sorry for your loss.

response from Brian
I definitely feel your pain .. My cat just gone, after he passed us over 10 years. She walked into our garage in New Hampshire in 1998 and never left. We went on vacation the day after she came and came a week later she was waiting for us to find at the top of the driveway. We took them and the rest is Geschichte.Sie was an amazing family dog ​​and helped my siblings and me grow as we went through a lot of hard times, and it was almost like it was another family member in human form. Whenever I feel bad about something I look over, and she would walk into the room .. Last spring I went back to college Spring Break and had said goodbye to her on my way out the door, because I’ll probably pass, knew within a week. She was sick for about a year and looked very fragile. I remember, pulled out of the driveway told my mother, “That was the last time that I’m seeing it is alive.” Three days later I got a call and found out that she died sei.Bis this day it hard. I have a picture of her in my wallet and it will be there until the day I die. Although she was only a pet, meant she. So much and helped our family through a lot while we are hatte.Sie feel better in a few days, if you know that your dog is in a better place Part of having a pet is to learn to work on their diseases and. Overcome the guilt and sadness when it passes Hopefully you will feel better soon, because I really understand. The pain with the loss of a beloved pet

response from TLSL involved
I had this happen to me. My cat of 16 years died on the day before my birthday. It is a day I will never forget, I love my cat very much and still do. My only advice I have is to take whatever time you need to remember in the morning, the good times and try to find peace. Everyone will tell you it’s okay, it was just a dog. But they are wrong, your dog was more then just a dog was your dog your family and your best friend. Stay strong, cry a lot, and stay close to you is liebst.Für me it hurt for a long time and I still associate her death with my birthday, I always take the time to think about it and look through old images. I know it sounds corny, but it sure helps. I’m sorry for your loss.

answer of peace girlie =]
Hello, I’m so sorry for your loss. I did not happen, but I did. Dogs that I love with all my heart All I know for you to do is just cry it out. Weeping, maybe you will feel better. After a while, maybe you can buy a kind of like those old. I hope you cope with it all right, and just remember, there is nothing wrong with crying! 🙂

response from Zeitgeist
So sorry for your loss. Mine died on the day before New Year, and I always think of them at this time and now 9 years later. Remember, its the good times that you’ve had, and maybe you’ll be able to open up to other puppies in need a few days, so you can share this bond again.

Which is for a 21st Birthday need?

Posted in Babysitting on 29th October 2012

What is a 21st after Birthday need?
My best friend just asked me if I “babysit” them after their 21st Birthday Adventure at the bar. Is there anything I can do or bring with me so that they recover from their massive hangover Best Answer (s):

response from Random Girl
DVDs, a cup of tea and some paracetamol 🙂 maybe even those you eyemasks that they filled with gel 🙂 really soothes the eyes and may help with headaches: )

response from Grand Mary
First, tell her not to drink so much. Next, if they do not drink too much, make sure it is safely home and then go to your house. Do not make it easy for them, or maybe they get where they to take care of them on drinking binges have expected. You do not that’s your life. Be strong and not an enabler for their to be a lot of alcohol. Good luck with this and God bless you for such a nice person.