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How can I help my dad hospital bills to pay? He did not have insurance ….?

Posted in Child Care on 5th February 2013

How can I find help for my dad’s hospital bills to pay? He did not have insurance? ….
My father recently found out (yesterday) that he has a bone infection in his foot, and he can get it amputated. He has no insurance – he is in for Medicare June, but the doctors say that he is now the surgery before the infection spreads to his leg. He is having surgery tomorrow, and the orthopedic surgeon says that he needs for 2 to 3 weeks after so bleiben.Ich know it must be away to help pay for his hospital stay. ? Does anyone Thanks Best Answer (s):

response from someoneoutthere
you might be able to do, “pay back”, and pay the bills he collected previously. I can not remember what it means. You might want to call and ask about it.

response from AMAZON
Talk to someone in the billing department at the hospital about the “need care” program. This program pays for half or all of the fees of those who are not insured. Even if your father will be covered by Medicare in June, it’s my understanding that Medicare goes back three months and pay for all medical bills. Also go to your local Department of Family and Children Services office in your community and see if your father can apply medicaid. The program goes back 3 months and pay for bills. I would check again, just to be sure.

Reply by Cyndie S
many hospitals do have social workers. ask the nurses how to achieve them. they have few avenues. Also, most hospitals have programs internally but must speak to you to billing, so that they know what’s going on. would argue, eh aarp dead center for the elderly, and anyone else that you think works with the elderly and see if they have any suggestions. You may have to call around a bit, but not aufgeben.GlückCyndie