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Q & A: Billionaire opens mansions to homeless?

Posted in Working Mothers on 1st November 2010

question of Flipstar : Billionaire opens mansions to homeless ?
“Kawamoto the eight selected low-income families from 3,000 people who wrote him letters last fall after he announced his plan known. He said he tried to work to get single mothers” I know that 8 families forgave low income for a nice place to live is to be a good thing, but I think instead they live in a house, why he uses only a large residential complex built on more than 8 families to support? I do not want to reject a low income / homeless families would be a 2-bedroom or even an apartment with a Schlafzimmer.Warum you do not let some rich Smuck rent, that makes or so, and the profit it is used by more than 8 families Haus.Was you think about Best Answer.

reply tribecabelle
I understand that he opened his eight mansions to homeless families. Nevertheless, although I agree that it would be nice if he built houses for several families, it is his money and he can do whatever he wants with it. He has done a nice gesture and it is difficult to criticize. It is better to have a person than no help at all, but of course it is better to help more people if you are able. Maybe you should write to him and politely to your suggestion.

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