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How can I set this to make it better?

Posted in Child Support on 28th August 2013

How can I set this to make it better?
I’m doing a lab report for my AP Environmental Science class .. and laboratory reports actually youre not “my group” and to use such things. How can I my group?, My group decided that part of the sentence, in such earthly width affects population growth in percent, per capita income in U.S. dollars, fertility rate in the average number of children and infant mortality look of 1000th Best Answer (s):

Reply steele
Terms Passive: It was investigated how earthly width …

Reply by zack
looks good to me

Reply bjk1961
research on how such earthly width population growth action is concentrated in percent, per capita income in U.S. dollars, the average fertility rate in the number of children and infant mortality by 1000 ist.Verwenden you “research”, “data show” or “results support” … something.

response from Bond … Indiana Bond
Start instead of “my group decided to look at” with “When looking into.” Then finish the sentence with “1000 ….. our studies have shown.” Then go on with your results.

response of Dread
I think that sounds good ……. We ordered the conglomerate of students have decided after careful consideration and assumptions which are hereby declared things how population growth affects underground width in percent, per capita income in U.S. dollars, the average fertility rate in the number of children and infant mortality by 1000.

Any suggestions to keep my skin better?

Posted in Working Mothers on 28th May 2013

Any suggestions to keep my skin better?
I have bad skin, not like acne, but like pimples and such. I have tried hundreds of things. do u think i should just wait and hope that it’s a teenage thing. in only 13 Best Answer (s):

Reply by Lane Smith
oh do skin id

Reply by ♥ ♥ Kristy
Pro Active seems to work well ive used it for years, in its reasonable costs and 🙂

response from sl1982
I had acne from the 7th Class until only a few years ago, I’m 26 now. The only thing that worked for me and took my acne away permanately is apple cider vinegar. It is the absolute best facial astringent I’ve ever used. You can not really find it in stores when it is for cooking, and it’s different … You do not want to use. You want to get raw, organic apple cider vinegar with “mother”. You can get it online for $ 2.99 per bottle. And it takes forever. I bet your parents if you typed my response that they can only buy to show a bottle or two for you with their credit card! LOL! You just use it on a cotton ball every day, I have completely gone about 3 times a day and my acne was in two weeks. I’m not kidding. There is a local day spa here in my town who used it to their clients when they come in for their weekly facials …. if you want I can give you the e-mail addresses so that you can hear all about their experiences. Apple cider vinegar is a natural antibiotic loaded with antioxidants. I have done research on it for two years …. it’s all over the net. I know there are a ton of “miracle cures” out there that people swear by. I firmly believe, dass Some works are the most a bunch of sh **! I guarantee you, this stuff works, and for the price, you have nothing to lose. It’s pretty stinky, and if you decide to drink it as well, it’s the worst crap you’ve ever tasted in your life …. but if you read all about it, you will not, and once you start to see results you won ‘t care either. I drink it every day, because I have numerous health problems and it is freakin awesome for so many things. I originally found out about it because I googled natural or home remedies for dandruff. My hair is so thick that freakin BAD dandruff and I developed with my black hair …. Yes, that was not so funny. Then I realized all the other benefits that came with it. It cures these conditions (if you do not believe me, try it): acne, blackheads, poison ivy, certain “incurable” venereal disease myalgia / chronic arthritis, dandruff, scrapes / cuts / wounds heal much faster, bad breath, acid reflux / heartburn about weight problems, chronic fatigue, ErkältungAlle types of flu, low metabolism, constipation, Diareahha (or how you spell it) (and it is able to resolve both problems because it “resembles the system of” a kind of where it should be, as it will help both constipation and diareaha. Same with if you are too thin, it will help you need on the weight of the body to be.) digestion, depression, PMS and menstral crapms, menopause, SO SO SO SO much more! So I would suggest getting some, try it on your face and drink it every day (if it is too bad for you, there are all kinds of drinks recipes online that completely dillutes the taste). Because if you drink it daily, it is from your hormones, where they need to be. And reading your question up there, it looks like most of your acne problem stems from an imbalance of hormones. Acne can be formed from the inside as well … that is why many teenagers, children themselves are in puberty, pregnant women and women who are in menopause have skin problems in general, because their hormones are all out blow in these times. If they drink daily helps this problem of yours, while their application to the face, astringent to keep the bacteria as a remote. Apple cider vinegar is all natural …. if you keep using these products, such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, they only cause skin problems leads in the long run. They cause wrinkles, redness in the face, you could even have a permanent skin SENSITITY problem if you do the things the man-made and full of chemicals to keep. So please, if you do not listen to my advice to AT LEAST stop what you use google and some all-natural remedies for acne. There are certian at-home face masks to mix up the fruit and vegetables that not only help your acne but will improve your skin condition is usually made. I know it’s much easier to just go to the store and buy something, but if you want a large area, the younger, without redness and acne scars and provides sensitivity issues … go all natural! I would suggest using Cetaphil as a facial cleanser. The bar cleaner is pretty cheap and works great! It is very comfortable on the skin and have it doens’t actual soap in it. It will not clog pores and balance your moisture from your face that needs it. It is the number one dermatologist reccomended facial cleanser. Make sure that you read up on those foods that you eat can cause acne. Some are myths … like chocolate. There are some foods that can actually help you get rid of your acne also how fruits that are loaded with anti-oxidants. Another suggestion … drink a ton of water every day. Filtered bottled water is the healthiest, of course. Drink as much as you can … I drink about a liter a day. If you can do more … go for it. Would you like through by m, how much your skin is just that alone be amazed by improve. Take a multi-vitamin every day. Good for your skin in general, and also works well for balancing your hormones.Soy milk is awesome for balancing your hormones as well. That’s why doctors and even beat prescribe soy pills for women who are in menopause. Vanilla and chocolate soy milk does not taste so bad. Watch out for the sugar content though. Never touch your face when you absolutely must. And use mineral makeup instead of foundations that can clog pores. Also, make-up and Nutrogena in others, they are good for your skin are all loaded with chemicals and crap that can clog pores. NEVER go without washing your face at night. Especially if you have makeup on. I would suggest just a quick swipe of the apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball every night when you do not have makeup on, it is the dirt and oil from within your skin.Do what you can to keep your stress from. Excersize, meditate, do yoga … what it takes. Stress causes acne! Now, I’m done for the day jabbering …. I’ll leave you with some websites to read about the apple cider vinegar …. Please make sure you

reply by Jenny N
Haha. Acne pimples are clever (:! Here I’ll help you wash your face twice a day, I’m just Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Reinigungsmittel.Es works soo good after you wash your face with it, it maeks your skin feels tingly and refreshes, I looove it! Use a toner once a day. (Neutrogena alchohol free toner) After you wash your face a cotten ball and put ther toner on it (there is no need too much!) and wipe it simply your face! Toner totally rocks! It helps you break out, it really enhances your coplexion and sound like you! after using the toner moisterize your face! use Neutrogena oil-free SPF. moisterizer.SPF 15 is really important because it is your face protects the Sonne.Wussten you that the sun KNWO could damage the skin, cause wrinkles like? so make sure you spf öfter.Achten sure moisterize your face twice a day or more! FOR MORE INFO. Scrub your face once a … Woche.Verwenden st. ives apricot scrub! its soo cheap and it is worth it!, and for the mask, use it once a month, I’m with st. ives clay mask, I hope that helps!

answer by Chick
I would say go natural, but I’m not referring ne website, since u prob cant get everything online u ne ways lead habit find natural substance in a drug mart

response from Aussie Girl ♥
drink HEAPS of water, wash your face every day, and change your pillowcases all 4 Tage.Vermeiden also touching your face and do not wear makeup until it gets better.

Is a marriage of convenience better than being divorced with a child?

Posted in Working Mothers on 23rd October 2011

Is a marriage of convenience better than being divorced with a child?
It is not uncommon for wives who don’t work outside the home and haven’t for years to stay tied to their husbands who provide for them and their child. There is a certain level of comfort in being a housewife. It is not uncommon for such people to sleep in separate bedrooms and have their own life but yet connect as a family. I can imagine a woman who is accustomed to being supported will have a difficult time with a separation. She imagines her salary at starting an entry level job would cause her to be “less of a generous mother” because the time she devotes to her son/house would then be compromised by a job. She would have to get a smaller house. Currently, with her husband a man she don’t love and realizes she never did thus feeling trapped into the “desire” to make the family appear okay for the sake of the kids. Just looking for some constructive input on this matter?

Best answer(s):

Answer by DisneyLover

Answer by master_der_man
Do what the two of you can agree with.

Answer by ladylunamina
No, staying with a guy your not in love with doenst help your child. I tried to stay with my daughters dad, and it was just sad

Answer by Nicole
I don’t know.
I suppose it would work out better financially for everyone. Better life for the child, if both parents aren’t abusive in any way.

I would only marry for love though, just the way I am.

Answer by live*laugh*love
No, it’s not a good idea. Though your thoughts are only with the child (good start), the child will ony grow up in an environment of “fake love”. And this can never turn out well… this will also cause other problems, like a domino effect and will ruin your life, but also the childs. Teach your child to love when he/she is sure the feeling’s well… but for now you just can’t do that. My best suggestion is to keep the child in the same house… and instead the parents move from house to house to see the child. After all, it’s not the childs fault that this happened to them.

Anyway, if this is you… good luck getting through your divorce.

Answer by Lore
Sounds like you are content not working and being a house wife. I do not know which is worse a marriage of pretense or lying to your children about it. There are more women in present and past that stayed with their husbands to make life good for the kids and ended up staying with their spouses even after the children grew up and left home. I guess it comes down to how much is one willing to take.

Answer by contemplating
Kids will eventually sense that you’re not happy. The relationship you have is a model for your children…what do you hope they will have for a relationship?
The income thing is not as bad as most people make it out to be. Get yourself though college (4-years), and you can start at >$ 50k if you make money your priority (or you actually like work that tends to generate money). The 4 years and the loans are worth that — plus while you’re a student you have a more flexible schedule with your children and the government will make sure none of you do without.

Answer by soft b
i would suggest you get counseling…….. your child senses or knows things are not Right also…………. unhappiness also leads to many things like illness………. and i think you and your child deserve much BETTER than what you have now.. Look into your heart….and think of you and your child…….. what’s improtant to you? being miserable? or working through it and eventually coming out happy and at peace for you and your child?
if you suffer, your child suffers also……..and you both DESERVE the best life has to offer.

Answer by Layla B
I am a child of a mother who divorced my father. yoyour child will be mad at u for a while…and when u find a new person..they will never like him…I mean..he may be a nice guy…but she/he will hate him…just because he is not THEIRS. But…it is WAY better for ur child to see u happy with someone else rather than unhappy with their father/mother. Please take this advice when I tell u: If u are going to divorce do it right, and find a GREAT man that you will STAY Either this time. Don’t look for a guy either….Just WAIT.
Take this from me: I know what it’s like

Answer by Becky F
I wonder what the child thinks, what they know? How is the atmosphere? Divorce is hardest on the kids. I wouldn’t wish it on my dog. Satan loves it when he can break up a family. Love is a funny thing. Just when you think it’s died, it can be rekindled. Assuming her husband is a good man and father she needs to find something that makes her happy. She could change husbands, but then you’ve just changed one problem for another. You need to work on the problem at hand and fix that. Does she respect him? Why did she marry him in the first place? Surely there had to be something there in the begining? Counseling couldn’t hurt…