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Okay, Im getting a Bengal cat and I was wondering, they are aggressive towards small children?

Posted in Toddlers on 24th December 2012

Okay, Im getting a Bengal cat and I was wondering, they are aggressive towards small children?
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reply by jess
Generally no, but cats are always hyper and be playful, so you have to be careful, dafür.Meine sister has a bengal, to cuddle and to the people loves, but also loves to be alone, sleeping during the day.

response from aurorasreddawn
I’ve heard that Bengals come to no good to infants. You can read different breed profiles on the internet if you do a search race. In what I’ve read, Bengals are active cats that can be mischievous, but are really beautiful cats that make a charming pet for the right owner. I woudl be very careful, although the exposure of a Bengal a small child, because I do not think it kind to pick awkward (such as a small child to pick up would be a cat) and they were able to play aggressively with a child if the child is “Racks “with the cat.

response from Ocimom
Not if you buy from a reputable breeder. If you want a “cheap” to buy from a breeder, not the kitten gently temperament and sociability, you might have a Problem.Trim nails, Kitten Soft Paws nail caps, and work out to your child how to act, manage, and pet and not to tease them.

response from 54claws
I want to think again, mixing Bengals and toddlers. My brother cat is not fond of other people or other cats. The first time I tried to wear them, she resisted by jumping out of my arms, so that both scratches and Prellungen.Sie was about five years old when he adopted a kitten could not trained so roughly the sein.Auf other hand, it is a beautiful cat, and can be very loving. Good luck with your new kitty

response from Café Mocha Valencia
you should not always every cat -. Especially a kitten – if you have small children in your home. Babies and toddlers are not intelligent enough to know to hurt when they’re an animal and can easily injure – and even kill a kitten. And pull any tail or paws occurred in deep scratches or bites cause of the cat. The Bengal is a very hyperactive cat, as they are a mix of domestic and wild cats sind.Bitte not consider a cat until your child is at least four years old and after understands that pets are not toys. They must be respected and treated with kindness. Not grabbed, slapped, or picked up and moved fallengelassen.Ein little strange to say, and then “they are aggressive towards small children” “I’m always a Bengal.” Obviously you have already decided to get one – so what is the point to ask now? Explores how babies are with cats and kittens, is something you should not have done before making a decision.

response from Rapid Fire
no guarantees what every cat around a baby or what the child can do to rid the cat. You get the cutesy poo answers, say how beautiful cats to infants and small children are. Easy for them to say – it’s not their child. Suffice to say, I had to have destroyed a cat when she took a piece of our baby’s neck in a completely unprovoked attack. The cat actually pursued and attacked the child. If watching your cat anywhere near your child left the two like a hawk. And if for some reason you ever separate them distracted. My son is 19 years old and still bears the scar on his neck. FAIR WARNING. Read the above answer. The two of us rarely anything to some, but it is just right.