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What do you believe in? State your reasons.?

Posted in Working Mothers on 29th May 2014

What do you believe in? State your reasons.?
Do you have a religion, or is your “religion” believing in nothing
Personally I don’t have a “religion”.
I’m a Christian, even though a lot of people will hate without knowing who Christians really are. They will categorize it with other cults too.

Have you ever felt persecuted for what you believe in?
Has anyone told you you can’t do something because of who you are or what you do?
I believe in Science too. Mostly. Because science is observation, observing with your senses, and things you can prove. But we can’t prove something we weren’t here for, and don’t have records.
Yeah, it depends on how you view it. I’m a Christian meaning Christ-follower, or I want to have a relationship with Christ.
I do feel mocked by close-minded people who have been taught the same thing their whole lives and accept it as THE TRUTH.
It’s crazy there’s so many religions! There must be a reason or something more intelligent out there (and I’m not talking aliens) or some reason why we want to have religions.

Best answer(s):

Answer by Jared, QED
“Personally I don’t have a “religion”.
I’m a Christian”

Idiot. Whoops, I guess I’m persecuting you.

Answer by C
I believe in Jesus Christ and the King James Bible

Because it is true

Answer by Green Goblin
I believe in reality. Things that have been Scientifically proven and can hold up to experimentation.

Answer by Logic [Free Mind]

Answer by smoking frog

i dont need no reason not to believe

Answer by Aljebar

Answer by Pirate AM™
Why would I need to “believe” in something? It seems that people who believe have this thought that “belief” is a inherent thing, when it really is not necessary.

Answer by star
so you’re a christian without a religion? isn’t christianity a religion. I am a christian btw.

Answer by Just Like Heaven©
I’m agnostic, i guess.
I think it’s stupid that their are more than 100 dif. religions. They all have their own flaws and rules. I just say I belive in god. period. Organized religions suck.

Answer by Frizby
I believe in God, i don’t feel persecuted, but i do feel mocked by those with closed minds on yahoo R&S..

Rumors that my friends is cheating on me … should I believe them or not?

Posted in Babysitting on 4th June 2013

rumors that my friends is cheating on me … should I believe them or not?
today at school 2 of my friends said my friend was still in love with his ex I do not know who think because they’re really good friends, but my friend and I have been together for 4 years and he has never showed any signs of affection for each other girl but me and his sister when he was “babysitting” them. Im really torn and need some good advice … . help Best Answer (s):

response of HMM
talk to him about it

answer by Sophie A
confront him. Or talk to the ex, see what she has to say. But the only way to be sure to know is if you ask him point blank.

Reply by ♥ ♥ Rachel
I doubt your really good friends would come to you when they pretty positive that what they said was, werent true. You would not want to upset you. I would sit down and confront him about it!

talk reply by Alice
with him. Did he say “that girls hot” or other things that he look at them? or her? .. when you say “babysitter”, you believe him, do not you, to ask about it. How often he has to babysit. Think about it. Talk about it.

response of Cheer Gal
stick with your gut. mayb your bffs misunderstanded something going on between him and mayb they are jealous of u guys.

Why do people believe in God?

Posted in Working Mothers on 7th March 2013

Why people believe in God?
It seems that people are born with an innate connection to a higher power. Thus, to believe in God, of course Best Answer (s):.

response of Sin ‘jari [Infidelosaurus]
people are not “born with an innate connection to a higher power.” However, people are born curious. Stupid as well. Put them together and see what you get.

answer Moiraes of Fate I do not
. Those who just need to say a father, what they do, so they do not really responsible for anything that has to take in her life.

response from Necromancer
Good point. Buddhist societies are not an atheist, by the way. The Buddha spoke of the soul, life after death, and mentioned gods as well (although they are not all powerful gods).

response from Brains …
Because you can believe in such a thing as killing a boy named Harry Potter with a magic wand, the most powerful wizard of all time of all, I do not even

response from Aundine! … That’s Who!
We are not “born” with a connection to a higher power. If that were true, you would not be stupid idiots weaving in traffic, because they would understand that life is fragile …. I digress …. People believe in God for comfort.

response from Aya Rose
Yes. The belief in a higher power seems to be genetically determined sein.Obwohl, it is an important point to be noted that not everyone feels the same higher power, and not everyone has such a Verbindung.Vergleichen monotheism to polytheism, for example.

response from CD I do not know
about other people, but I was dead for 2 minutes 45 seconds, and had the privilege of standing in his glory, and the feeling of his love for the what seems like an eternity. He is real, and yes, I know all the scientific hooplah, but there were things that happened that can not be explained.

response from √ τom
I want to prove that people with an “innate connection to a higher power” look will discuss before birth. If so, then perhaps it could be natural. But something is natural does not exist any credibility. We have of course thought the earth was flat, because that’s how it seems to us, but we now know that we were wrong.

response from Ennoae
I believe in something, it’s not God, it’s bigger. God wants a personality, an opinion, a sense of self, which I believe has any of this nor the God of the Old Testament does seem tiny. There is no God, are all manifestations of the gods manifestations of ego. Ego is only human to do enough to God.

response from neutronsolstices be developed
Its part of our evolution as a human animal group to believe in the God of gods, tribal, families and groups to stärkenso relationships, it seems that even God a product of evolution hahaha