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Baby Birthday Bash! – Tips For A Fantabulous B’day Party!

Posted in Babysitting on 17th December 2010

Baby Birthday Bash! – Tips For A Fantabulous B’day Party!

Birthdays are an important day in ones life. This day is the day we first stepped into this new world and it is fro sure a day which needs a little celebration. It may be quite an important day if it your baby’s birthday.

Below are a few tips that may help. The most important thing is the preparation of the birthday party. Creating a theme may help make the party more interesting. You can have costume parties or even do something like renting an amusement park with clowns and the merry go rounds. Safety of the people attending the party is very important.

Baby bashes may also depend on how old the baby is. For children who are about one year can have clowns to entertain the guests as most of the guests would be little children. Puppetry or magic shows will also be enough to keep the crowd interested. Fro older children like about two years, costume parties will be more interesting as the children of this age will be able to walk. Cotton candy and balloons will also help.

The next thing that ought to be done is sending around invites. You will have an increased network of friends as you will be meeting parents of other babies around your neighborhood. Swapping times fro baby sitting and relaxing will help you in making new friends. Kids are the ones who are the guests and hence they are the ones who need to be entertained.

The third thing that you will need to concentrate on is the food. As this party is fro kids, you can concentrate on having finger foods. Children can take in only small quantities of food. If parents have also been invited, then you can look to separate the food for the parents and the children.

If there are no babies then a baby bash may end up being an adult get together.

You can do whatever you please if the baby is comfortable. This is one thing that you have to make sure. There are many a children who are afraid of clowns and hence you will have to have an alternate plan if this ever happens.

The last thing that you will have to is the wrapping up of the party. This is cleaning up time. This is done once all the favors, trimming and food is all gone. One way to get rid of excess food is packing up small portions of food for the guests so that you can discard food in a nice way. This not only is a way to keep food from getting spoilt but also helps in providing food for those children who may feel hungry on their way back. This mainly happens as children do not eat well as they are excited on meeting many kids. This is why they feel hungry on their way back. Hence you will be quite helpful to those parents taking the kids back home.

If all this is put in the right place and done well, a baby bash will not be a nerve wrecking job.