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My dog barks really loud and non-stop when we get home…?

Posted in Babysitting on 8th April 2014

My dog barks really loud and non-stop when we get home…?
My dog is eight years old and for the past few years or so, she just barks (at the top of her little doggy lungs) whenever someone gets home. This goes on for like five minutes. It takes her a while to calm down afterward too. We just don’t know why she does this because she hasn’t done it her whole life, just the last two or three years. She’s a britney springer spaniel mix. Does anyone know why she started doing this?

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Answer by lizzut89
anxiety. or stressed out. the easiest thing i can tell you is that go to he explains everything.

Answer by The Dog Lady
dog trainer 30 plus years –
Well love, I can only guess why she does it. I am guessing she did it once and she got some “extra attention” because of it – thus it has now become a bad habit. Our dogs will all be vocal if allowed. I don’t think they do it to be irritating, but to say “YOUR HOME YOUR HOME YOUR HOME!!!” – – – they love us way past any love we could ever imagine.
So…this being said this is how you change the behavior.
If your dog knows the sit command as well as some others avert attention by using commands. Come in, the barking starts say “sit” good baby. “shake” – good girl , stay…nice work. Bounce from one command to another keeping the attention on the commands and off of the barking. You can also add in between “sh sh sh — no bark, sit – good job” like that. She will catch on. She was smart enough to learn what brought the extra attention on, so she is plenty smart to learn how to change. I think you’ve got yourself a very smart little sweetie! Have fun with her.