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LDS, Mormon, the LDS Church really feel it necessary to baptise Mary “Mother of Christ?”?

Posted in Working Mothers on 16th November 2010

question of Julymoon : LDS, Mormon, the LDS Church really feel it necessary to baptise Mary “Mother of Christ ?”?
And they also list as being married to God the Father? And work always ready to Joseph and her Dichtung.Was Have? You heard of this and WHY? As “believers” Why should this be necessary to do Mary’s temple work? Note “Mary, Mother of Jesus,” the spouse “Joseph” from the house of David “…” was baptized and confirmed a member of the LDS church by proxy to 9 December 2009 in Idaho Falls Idaho (LDS) temple. She was on to initiatory temple ordinances 16th Suspended in December 2009, a foundation ceremony on 26 December 2009 and a seal to his parents on 7 January 2010-was all the rites in the Idaho Falls Idaho-Tempel.Die New FamilySearch listing for “Mary, Mother of Jesus” with “personal identifier” KJPL-STD disappeared as a single entry in the database according to 2 April 2010, the date of my last copy of this record. Record KJPL-STD for “Mary Mother of Jesus” is now in a single record with a number of other blocked listings for Mary together. LDS Details Regulation of this combined data set are all available. The standard for blocking LDS LDS ordinance information, which is attached to controversial records, legal regulation details on these listings as a brand is not available. ” Notes related to the original entry for “Mary Mother of Jesus” shows that the source used for that submission was: I149103-Maria (0016 BC -) Mary’s “Man # 1” as “God of the father “on the Smith Family Tree” identified by the respondents as a source for the “Mary Mother of Jesus” template. The fictional marriage between Mary and God the Father “from the Smith-Link is also in the remarks on the original New FamilySearch Record for” Mary, Mother of Jesus, “KJPL-STD definiert.Aber record the marriage sealing of Mary and Joseph ( second husband) on this record was “needed more information” indicated (may be carried out before sealing this ritual for them.) * Do you think Mary must be “washed clean”, to posthumously receive “salvation?” (Because her name was on several occasions in the LDS temple rites submitted for proxy.) WHAT? Thoughts all baptized .. is one thing, but sealing it in God and Joseph? Or even she and her husband Listing # 1 and then Joseph would man # 2 is the sein.Was! (I know that the LDS “faith” is that dead women sealed “all” the men (in an LDS temple) they had in life .. Then it’s “worked out in heaven,” and she chooses), but this for Mary and God the Father? Then she sealed to Joseph also) Strpling warrior mother, The LDS Church has baptized the name of Hitler and sealed him, his girlfriend Eva Bruan, Ted Bundy, Stalin, John Wayne Gacy and MORE! So surprise why this is? Best answer:

response of Phi metaphor
The Virgin Mary assumed body and soul into heaven in glory, on such earthly Kategorien.Mormonen believe that the categories of earthly happiness and relationships in the Heaven, while in reality the sky infinitely far beyond .—

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