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Your parents are the bane of your existence?

Posted in Working Mothers on 11th February 2013

Are your parents the bane of your existence?
You have or had a parent that you feel like you were a burden to them, verbally and physically abusive, made from empty promises and constantly let down at important times in your life (high school graduation/16th, 18 or 21 . birthday) and you will make a big deal out of her birthday and / or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, did they try to ignore intentionally hurt your birthdays? If they did, it was your injury or are you with the treatment that you are not expecting anything more Best Answer (s):

response from Ogill
my parents where great, but I like to be independent and I like to be able to survive and live on my own. I like being able to do things themselves. i do not like to feel like a baby. my parents where great. I went on my own at 20, because I want my independence. i love to be able to do things themselves. I basically have been so, as a child. I like the whole thing, I’m real, whatever that means. I do not know how to take advantage of people, especially my parents. I know how hard they work for their money, for me just leech off of them. I believe in a person, to be true, although it may be difficult in this day and age really likes. Life is great and I look forward to every day. every day has its great new experience, and that’s awesome. my parents would rather me what each birthday. I’d have no birth day parties, because we are poor. I do not have nothing against though.they seem to care about fathers day or mothers day. ok as long as they are in the happy. she worried. I think their concern is bad for me, that’s another reason why I moved out. about birthdays, I really do not care if they remember me told me anything for my birthday, it’s hard for them to make money, but that’s not the reason why I asked for this.i like the fact that if they did not want to give me something for my birthday. its ok. I love her anyway. Life is beautiful and there are more important things than material Besitz.Ihr friend

response of Smarties!
I take off this month to go to college. I love being independent, and the things on my way. My mother has this thing where she does things “, because it’s time.” She makes three charges laundry every day, no matter how big the loads are or even if they need to be done. She makes and eats supper at six, if she is hungry or not. She sucks three times a week, twice a week if it dusty dust or not. She also does dishes talk time, three times a day, if there are three dishes, or fourteen is. I do the other things, if they need to be done. Instead of wasting water, I wait until the dishwasher is full, get it on, or I wash my dished out by hand when they start getting frequently (once a day, usually). I do my whites, blacks, and two loads of colors each week to wash, but only if I get a full charge. It has no sense to waste electricity and water for things that do not need to be washed immediately. My work uniform I wash by hand and hang to air dry to save electricity and water. I dust when it is dusty, I vacuum when it needs to be cleaned up, and my room when I feel like it (I work 70 hours a week, so this is rare for me to clean my room because I do not have time!). Because my mother, “Is it because it’s time,” she admits often my birthday, because “it’s time.” I know she loves me, but I would rather forget, and I signed a belated birthday card with a little more thought than a birthday card with “Dear Mom and Dad” on the bottom. I graduated from grade twelve this year (I should mention, I’m 17). No map. Nothing. I asked her about it and said, “So I finished twelfth grade … we are celebrating for dinner or something?” Nope. It is not an achievement in the eyes of my parents. There is another class, another year, so what? However, given my sister, who graduated from grade 8, cards GALORE! She also received a beautiful gold ring for her degree by my parents, and she refuses to wear it! They took her to dinner and I stayed home, I was not invited. That hurt. Every year I have to write a poem, paint a picture or something special for Mother and Father’s Day. I also do special things for their birthdays. I treat them for dinner (the restaurant I work at, Kelsey) and because I’m friends with the owner and the chef, I get dinner at half price! It still costs me about $ 50, but I mean … Food is food, and it’s the thought that counts! Each yous? Nope. Every birthday and mothers / fathers day in the last two years I’ve done that, and nichts.Tut hurt? You Betcha! But I always think that one day, karma come into play. And if they so choose, to thank me, I’ll accept it, but frankly, I’ll like them no matter what, because they treat;. Again, my parents, and it’s how I want to be treated