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How come Fox “fair & balanced” News not reported on the White Nationalist openly running on the GOP ticket?

Posted in Child Care on 27th November 2010

How come Fox “fair & balanced” News not reported on the White Nationalist openly running on the GOP ticket?
A New Hampshire man who has sparked controversy for spewing racist, white supremacist views has decided to use his divisive platform to campaign for a New Hampshire State House seat.

Ryan J. Murdough, a 30 year-old who works with special needs children at a local youth center, is the “state chairman” of an organization called American Third Position, or A3P, a group that defines its mission as “represent[ing] the political interests of White Americans, because no one else will.” (The site currently advertises a “moneybomb” for Murdough, with a fundraising goal of $ 2,500.)

In a caustic letter titled “We must preserve our racial identity” published by the Concord Monitor at the beginning of the month, Murdough offers his beliefs on white supremacy and racial segregation:

For far too long white Americans have been told that diversity is something beneficial to their existence. Statistics prove that the opposite is true. New Hampshire residents must seek to preserve their racial identity if we want future generations to have to possibility to live in such a great state. Affirmative action, illegal and legal non-white immigration, anti-white public school systems, and an anti-white media have done much damage to the United States of America and especially New Hampshire. It is time for white people in New Hampshire and across the country to take a stand. We are only 8 percent of the world’s population and we need our own homeland, just like any other non-white group of people deserve their own homeland.
It gets worse:

“In celebration of Black History month, I am going to recognize what they do best,commit crime,get AIDS/STD’s,blame whitey,cry racism.” (sic), Murdough once wrote on his Twitter page, which has since been deleted (don’t worry though, because according to Murdough: “I am a moderator at where I can write more lengthy posts if I choose).

Murdough filed as a Republican candidate earlier this month, but the Ashland, New Hampshire man’s extreme views have since led to a few state GOP members to publicly condemn him, but Murdough doesn’t seem to care.

“I don’t really need any Republican help. I wasn’t looking for it in the first place,” Murdough said. “As a whole, I think they’ve sold white people out.”

Best answer(s):

Answer by smsmith500
he is not recognized by the RNC and has no chance of winning. And he has no idea of what the Republican party truly stands for.

Answer by Me
How do you know they haven’t, do you watch it 24 hours a day?

Answer by annie
if he is a nationalist how did he get on the gop. you must register and run for office in your registered party.

Answer by A J
I haven’t heard of it anywhere else either.

Answer by Samm
Same reason MSNBC keeps reporting “Obama’s been doing a good job for Americans.”?

Answer by Thomas
Are you saying that he has no right to run for office?

He does have freedom of speech, if you recall, in that silly little document

We have to listed to endless progressive, liberal nonsense, so we can deal with a little whack job nut case talk

Answer by constitution rules
It is difficult to have an opinion or make a judgment on your question if you provide no link. I am honest about my opinion but since you have failed to enlighten me I cannot comment intelligently.

Answer by Myx is back
“Statistics prove that the opposite is true.” Oh really now.Got any proof of that wild claim? I dont think so. The guy is tired of being discriminated against for being white. Do we have a NAAWP? Do we have YT month? Why can everybody but Whites be proud of their heritage? BTW I am white and American Indian. What the guy is saying may be a little extreme but its the truth. Call FOX up and tell them how to do their job if you have a problem with their programming. It’s funny because you probably don’t even watch FOX.

Answer by Heavy Raider
From Ryan J. Murdough,campaign site named…
You can’t make up this level of crazy!!!

“Stop Racist Affirmative Action Programs: It isn’t right and it isn’t fair that Americans are treated as mere subjects to be administered in certain proportions in a catastrophic social-engineering scheme. The practice hurts the vast majority of Americans, it breaks down social-cohesion, and it causes atomization. I’ll put an end to such programs.”

“Stop Immigration: While 8 million jobs have been lost over the course of the past 3 years alone, our political leaders continue to defy the will of our people and allow millions of job-seekers in our country, both legally and illegally. I’ll make it illegal for employers to hire illegals, and I’ll make it illegal for renters to rent to illegals. I’ll always stand against unfettered immigration of any sort.”

This all sounds very familiar… What? Teabagger sites with the same crap word for word??? SAY IT CAN’T BE SO!!!!


Answer by Miguel O.
I don’t see anything wrong with what he’s doing, African Americans, Arabs(muslims) and Latinos do it in the same fashion and I don’t see you crying foul, I think somebody have to stand up for the white people and good thing he is doing it, he is defending his race just like farrakhan, Barack & Michelle Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton defend African American, so what’s the problem? I don’t see a problem and I am Hispanic