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I want to start selling insurance. I just graduated from college. No insurance background.?

Posted in Working Mothers on 19th September 2013

I want to start selling insurance. I just graduated from college. No insurance background.?
I looked at it and said the State Farm licensing and training may, after the expiration of twelve months. He also said it would hired six weeks if selected. State Farm is good? Are there better company? I feel this is a really long process. How about Liberty Mutual Best Answer (s):

reply by Rosalie R
What a huge question. First of all, if you are lucky your college degree contain a little work in the world of mathematics. The insurance industry is all about mathematics and statistics and averages and Tabellen.Zweitens you need to know that the insurance is marketed through two different “channels”. Companies like State Farm have their own offices (called agents), and their own employees (called agents), and only sell their own insurance. Thus, training is something they kontrollieren.Das other delivery system is through insurance brokers. These people are insurance brokers that have their offices and sell many different brands of insurance. Brokers train their people in the “art” of selling insurance, and a little about the various companies Produkte.Schließlich you need to know that there are two different types of insurance. People and things insurance insurance. Normally, the life and health insurance, you mean for the people are just that: life and health. For insurance for things (like your car and house) we use the term accident insurance. Each type has to start his own policy, departments “mother” company and potentially own Agenten.Um with, I would suggest you chat with a broker, and a successful one. For example, go to the local grocery store, find the manager / owner and ask who handles the accident insurance. Then when talking with this person, they ask who the largest life and health insurance brokerage einsehen.Nach a conversation with them, you follow your head and get a Ausbildung.Viel luck.