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I like kids, and I want to babysitt next summer, what should I do to convince my mom I’m responsible?

Posted in Babysitting on 25th November 2012

I like children and I want to babysitt next summer, what should I do to convince my mother, I am responsible?
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response from Arcadepal If you
other siblings baby sit for your mom

response from jennifersuem have
Volunteer at your church nursery . Take a Red Cross first aid class or Babysitters they Klasse.Schreiben a detailed report of what you gain from babysitting addition to the money! LOL

response from mrs.tre_cool I
saw fit today for the first time, and when I asked my mother if I could, she was more than happy for me to do it. but it could have been b / ci was out of the house for three hours or so about but my mother was more than happy, but your mother might otherwise so idk what to tell but ya my mother does not think the really responsible either so idk

response of trivia buff
actions speak louder than words … Show your mom you are responsible by such things … Said clean your room without the dishes or laundry have to help your mother, if someone in your family, you can use the help … Do not drive her crazy by making them over and over, if you can do something

Reply by Clockwork Grape do
start as parent helpers – where you take care of a child and to play with them, while the mother is at home – after you do that, they will hire you, when they go for short errands

response from Sashikala T
well, if you have a. little brother or little sister you could babysit them if your parents want to go. So try and really good to them and they will tell your mother, so they trust you. So just try and good luck!

response from kevsav025
It’s really easy. Things to do to your house, without more than once, tidy your room, ask Mum she need help doing the dishes, etc, etc, are you with me? Responsible at home with your parents to prove that one exterior responsible, ie “babysitter” Kev, UK.