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Would you ever consider having someone you “babysit”?

Posted in Babysitting on 9th June 2013

Would you ever consider having someone you “babysit”?
Were close to the same age, but she has a brother who is 5, that I usually watch. She is half black we hug and talk and sometime before like I’ve accidentally touched her butt and she seemed to like it, so I do it sometimes, and it does not say haha ​​dang guys I would never do that lol i play Best Answer (s):

answer by Phoebe
No, no.

Reply уσυиg αи ∂ яє ¢ к ℓ єѕѕ
the definiton of babysitting is not “to do with this person”

Reply ikidyounot
I’m sure her mother is not paying you to with her daughter. Be professional.

reply by Sheila
No, that’s just not right.

reply by Theresa Harkleroad
if the child (ren) to sleep then yes its fine

reply by miss disturbed fan!
Ewwww, no, just no

Reply I am soooo hot.
Um …. EW! You’re such a PEDO! LIKE That’s disgusting! The girl is FREAKING FIVE YEARS OLD! FUCK YOU Offf Pervy ASSS MOTHERR FUCKINGG CREEP!

reply by Emily
You do not mention the age here … but basically, if they be at home alone / watch her younger brother, not just old enough, then maybe you should not be so sein.Auch with her when her parents found out, they would probably out of a job you.

reply by Jordan
my name is Rupert ….

I caught the 5-year-old girl child I babysit masturbating, I should inform her mother?

Posted in Child Care on 1st May 2013

I the 5-year-old girl I babysit masturbating caught, I should inform her mother?
I’m not sure how to tell her mother to a mother … I’m still hestitant not say anything, and just stop babysitting her, even though my son loves sie.Wie I can be sure they do not teach my sons this ? behavior Best Answer (s):

response from Wyman

response of Cricket
She is FIVE. You probably do not even know what they really hope tut.Ich that this issue is not the result of your sick mind

response from all
When she was five, she was probably only do it accidentally,. Girls do not do that young!

response of rice v
they probabl did not know what she was doing was wrong when shes only 5

Reply Cocopuff
masturebate? lol 5 years old tell her mother

Reply BrunetteBabe120
That’s f * cked up! “Discover”

response from sunkissed
Small children herself, you should tell her not to be around other people who touch their private areas.

Reply missLEOx
uh .. but if ur only 5 u dont have a sex drive, so I doubt very mastrubating. I think she was just playing .. u know how kids sometimes r, they do not know whether or not something dirty. so her mother say, but did not say she was mastrubating because that is a lie and obsurd to say the least. just tell the mother that she stuck her butt things.

answer by Bryan
Yes, but not overly excited, or make a big deal out of this. This kind of thing is common to this age group. You know what feels good and not on our standards of decency in this Alter.Hoffentlich mom will not freak out and start coming to the child about it. I do not want to cause a kind of Freudian sexual hang do about this age that began in the later Leben.Als my son, I told him gently but seriously, that such behavior is not done in front of other people, but only in private. That’s pretty much put an end to public displays.

Reply by ☮ † † ☮ brwnsugr
This is a really tough question because I do not know if it’s that they have experienced something is a sign of inadequate or it is just precocious little … I think you should really gentle in her mother that her little girl will always say that curious early and maybe it is time for them to have a discussion. You could also talk with the girls about privacy and boundaries, but children should never be together behind a closed door.

I list the woman I babysit for as a job reference .. what shall I call them on my application?

Posted in Babysitting on 8th April 2013

I .. listing of woman I babysit for as a job reference what shall I call them on my application?
I have taken professional title and their relationship to me. Any ideas what can I say? (I do not want to put “mother” as her job title, because I do not want to believe this company, it is my mother lol!) Best Answer (s):

response from jimmymae2000

response from Gina
write if you have listed that the job “babysitting” you can Just something like “employer”. Can

response from RAFIQA you
family friend made