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Do you think I am “babying” my children?

Posted in Child Care on 24th November 2010

question of Shekhinah : Do you think I am “babying” my children ?
They are 6 and 7 and I still do things like cutting the food and their baths and many other things for them. In my defense about bathing, but they have a lot of hair and not wash them well enough. But I “take care” of ihnen.Ist still like the “babying” and as long as I teach them to do things on their own, it really means something hurts Best Answer:

reply nelawala
If they are old enough to use a knife to their own food are cut (which they obviously do not, lol) I do not see a problem with it. I do not see a problem with a bathroom, unless they feel uncomfortable with it.My son is at the point where he wants his own privacy showers (lol: (), but it grows

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