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my axolotls leg got ripped off. will it grow a new one?

Posted in Babysitting on 13th December 2010

my axolotls leg got ripped off. will it grow a new one?
i had to bring one home from school to “babysit” over the holidays and it ripped the leg of mine, and its just hanging there. the bones not broken? will mine grow a new leg?

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Answer by chiquita
Yes, they heal quickly and sometimes body parts grow back

Answer by Isaiah Ivey
of course very quicly

Answer by Axolotl

The Water Dragon (Axolotl) is neoteric, meaning that it doesn’t routinely undergo metamorphosis from the larval to adult form, as happens with most other salamanders. Instead, the larval form (with gills) becomes sexually mature and reproduces, Water Dragon (Axolotl) live out their entire lives in water.

The Water Dragon (Axolotl) has amazing regenerative abilities if they are injured even to the point of losing a body part i.e. leg or tail, the Water Dragon (Axolotl) will regenerate that lost part usually in about 10 weeks. Because Axolotls have the ability to regenerate lost body parts, the Water Dragon is one of the most studied animals in the world today.

The link below is an excellent vedio regarding the regenerative abilities of the Water Dragon (Axolotl).


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