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Do you know about great armenian poet Avetik Isahakian?

Posted in Working Mothers on 15th March 2014

Do you know about great armenian poet Avetik Isahakian?
here are links

here you can find his works
pay attention on this works

and in the end this poem of Charents


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Answer by ╬ MЭЯCUŘY ™ ╬
Ohhh yeah… I used to read nd memories his poems back then in Highschool for Armenian class 😛
bt i like his poems tho… nice cool sentences… really touching tho.
tnx bruv for the links
u rock

Answer by Annabella
No, not at all. Have his works been translated into English (or any other language)? If you want Armenian culture to be known, translation is absolutely necessary.

Edit: Dear Sera, thank you so much for the links and the poem. I wish I knew more about Isahakian and all these Armenian writers. I saw that he actually lived in France! And I have just checked and saw that he had been translated into French as well.
The only other Armenian writer I have heard of is Hagop Oshagan. I have been told that he was one of the greatest:


Answer by eli m
no never heard of him before.. who is he?

Answer by boy*toy
i do now, thanks .

Answer by Sera is back
Avetik Isahakian
Avetik Issahakian was born in October of 1875 in a little village called ‘Khazarabad,’ in Armenia. He received his education at Eichmiadzin’s Spiritual Academy, followed by studies at Leipzig and Zurich Universities in Europe, which included courses in history and literature.
Issahakian spent time in Paris, France and in 1934 returned to Armenia, where he played an active role in creating the Armenian Academy of Sciences. He was also nominated to the Chairmanship of the Armenian Writers.
Mr. Issahakian wrote numerous lyrics that dealt with themes of fatherland and of motherly love. Some of his works were, “Yerker oo Verker” (Songs and Wounds), “Abu Lalla Mahari,” “Im Hogin” (My Soul), “Mayrigis” (To My Mother), “Gisher” (Night), “Goozes Linem” (You Want Me To Be), “Hayrenikits Heroo” (Away From My Fatherland), “Dariner Hedo” (Years Later).
Dozens of his poems were set to music. His works in Armenian were translated and published in English, Russian and many other languages.
Issahakian died in 1957 and was buried in Yerevan’s Artist’s Pavilion.
link to his poems in Armenian aa

Answer by Artistichand
It is nice to see our Armenian sisters and brothers talking about their poets and trying to rebuild their culture after Russians pressed them into nothing during cold war period….I hope they will go back to prosperous and happy times of Ottoman Reign under which they were considered as human beings… They owe a lot to Ottomans who professed and preached humanity for all minorities (45) under their reign….

Answer by Masis
Yes I know and thanks for the site.