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Why is the average person so narrow-minded?

Posted in Child Care on 25th November 2013

Why is the average person so narrow-minded?
Seriously. A lot of people think it’s so funny and amuzing to / ridicule someone abuse. You have no idea what it does to that person. Then again, they do not even care, they just want to please their own sick sense of satisfaction. But then, if that person starts self-harming/becomes anorexic / suicidal / depressed / Bulimia / etc they all say, “Oh, well, that they are only for attention” “are just selfish you.” Or This is just so screwed on me. They think we are the only ones with the problems? Well you know what, they should look and see in the freaking mirror what the hell they tun.Aber people say things like: Well, karma ab * tch. Well you know what? Karma does not exist. A great deal of people never pay for their actions. Also, if you report it, they include only physical abuse. I mean, I see that they are physical evidence, but verbal abuse is just as bad. One’s mind is perverted just as bad as jacking someone’s body. The worst thing is, can affect how someone perceives themselves. This can lead to anorexia, bulimia, schizophrenia, self-mutilation, masochism, sadism, suicidal tendencies, depression, etc. I wish people would know what they’ll tun.Ich not, although eliminate me about me. I have also bullied someone before. After the school year I realized what I was capable of. I’m glad he did not kill himself. I remember that he.’s Life hell I spat at him. Cursed him. Turned all his friends against him. Mocked him. Destroy his Sachen.Aber the truth was, I was only with him because venting is what so many people are doing to me was. I finally apologize to him and to him my reasons for it and we did and he verstand.Auch, yes, that’s personal. I have anorexia / self-harm / masochism / depression / suicidality / self-loathing. It’s all because of what people as a child, told me: “You’re so fat”, “She’s a dyke” “You’re uglier than my grandma’s wrinkly a **” “It’s not hurting her,” “You who should go kill yourself tonight, no one will care “” Everybody hates you, just disappear “” Your mother should have had an abortion “” People say they love them because they pity with you “” you were a mistake “” OMG hide your face, no one wants to see that “” You disgust me, “” You’re really loud and annoying, which is why you have no friends “I used to cry every day on my way home from school . After the third grade, I got used to it. Mom thought it was all over. It was not. One day she saw me in the kitchen with a knife in his hand. She knew of my appearance, what I thought. In the 5th Class she wrote to me in a mental hospital, because she did not want me to kill myself. She thought it works. There has never been. It was always there, and still ist.In the 7th Class people started calling me fat because I gained weight because I new drugs. I was 5’6 “and a size 3 I have nothing to remember, to this really skinny girl has me they would show their topic of abuse. Everyday, how much it was thinner than I am. She was a size 0 and my height. But that did not stop me. I went through the 8th grade and I finally got to me and stopped it., I moved to a new state. later I have a year later withdrew because my mother job. I remember me poeple ask, “Do you miss your friends” I would say:…. “I do not” When I thought back, I would be stronger I separated myself from everyone, so I will not hurt I started cutting I started starving and purging. It’s a pretty f * cked up life. Whatever you think is the sadness in your life, the darkness, the food that controls everything, the toilet bowl where the food goes, the fat on the belly and thigh, the numbers on the scale, and everything you see is every single small error on your body. I told someone and just said I was looking for attention. I told them that I won. My parents do not know. Nobody knows there. I still suffer from it. I even fooled my therapist. I have not in 4 years weinte.Im now I’m in 9th grade. This is truth This escalated in my life. seriously fast. But there is something what I realized. bullying itself is so much worse than even bullied by an entire nation. Thats because you know yourself and everything about yourself and everything you say / think is true, and you know es.Es does .. sorry for the change from the first person on the second and third place I really had someone to tell the truth because everything else is a lie Best Answer (s):

Answer by B
One wonders how crappy the parents of these children who are bullied, if they do not teach their children how to treat others with respect. Where do they learn things like “you should just kill yourself?” Good for you for standing up for yourself. It becomes easier after high school, trust me. I encourage you to look for people who share your interests, your problems etc on a suitable, moderated forum. Do not go on something like Yahoo Answers, because a lot of the people you describe are hier.Scheiß on the haters. Anyone who gets bullied for any reason, you honestly do it because a) they have something they do not, or b) they are missing something in life. I’m only 25, so I’m only ten years or so before your generation … it has not much geändert.Bleibt strong!

Reply I.nandz
tell them to fuck off, theres no reason to be for them, as cruel as they are, but if you are young, that is the what happens. do not let their words or behavior to cause. be stronger than they are. the reason they are so narrow-minded is because society has taught them, that is to be the way that they just eat everything the media tells them is right, they do not have their own thoughts. You must learn how to see the idiocy and ignore it, do not let it expire you. become comfortable with yourself and do not let society tell, you are not as you are to perfect, was Marilyn Monroe as the sexiest woman of her time, and is still considered an image of perfect beauty. Marilyn Monroe was a size fourteen, women are beautiful in all sizes, who believes that they are better than you because they are smaller, are likely going to lead vapid, sad little life. You are an individual. You are your thoughts and actions, you are not your pants size. stand strong and proud of who you are, hope this helped. I wish you all the luck in the world <3

Is it true that on average, a mother loves / cares for her children than a father?

Posted in Babysitting on 27th November 2012

Is it true that on average, a mother loves / cares for her children than a father does?
And if so, what are the (biological / psychological / social, etc) reasons for developing your vision … Best Answer (s):

response from Night Wolf
Yes, because since ancient times the father on the hunt, and food had to take her home, her mother was usually those who stayed with the children, and the one who took care of them, therefore,

response from invisibleman
No, that’s not true. And it is doubtful that anyone can prove realistic opposite.

response from the Old Cool
Yes. Because they feel men “babysitting” their children is demeaning because they feel they are superior to women

response from Harley Quinn
On average? I do not know, but I know that the average person has one testicle.

answer by Sassy Cass
I do not think that’s right. Someone said here that hunted in ancient times the people and the women saw the child … Both are a form of love and care. The men who risked their lives to bring their wives and children food that sounds like a lot of love and to me. It is evident that women love and care more because they are more emotional / sensitive sex. Men show their love through actions and protective instincts, women love and things like that. They are just to show different forms of love, one is not “better” than the other.

response from Jamique W
NO, which is different from any other family, some women never took care of their babies or young children and they leave and also men have done the same, it depends on each family and situation. For many feminists say they would” include only women in the world and for the children” and all that bull $ % & t. Not to listen to this garbage and just know when. Different from nation to nation

response from Paola Garcia
number one mother takes the child and gives birth to them as a stronger bond between the mother and the Kind.Zweitens by natural mothers are the nurses who caretakers. Women take care of the family and care for them while the man goes out and hunts and brings home the Speck.Drittens are women (not as emotionally) vulnerable-they are sensitive to the environment, humans and other emotions or Gefühle.Natürlich it Exceptions to these women, the terrible mothers and the father is better Betreuer.Kein child abuse should suffer! tonight, have suffered over 10,000 + child abuse, will die of which the fifth Unsubscribe PETITION HELP & Prevent Child Abuse! Help a child LIVE! Once you’re done, please ask your friends to sign the petitions. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word! / petitions

Average Basitter Rate – A Guide for Both Parents and Basitters

Posted in Babysitting on 1st February 2011

Average Basitter Rate – A Guide for Both Parents and Basitters

Article by Sheila Huggins

If you want to know how much you will have to pay a babysitter in case you need to hire one, you can always refer to the net. The average babysitter rate is not hard to determine since some have already compiled the available data for you.

For 2009, the estimated average wages of a babysitter is around – per hour. Still, if factors such as the age and experience of the babysitter, the location, the number of children to be cared for and the time of day to be spent are to be considered, the rate can range from up to or even more.

1. Your Location

Naturally you will prefer babysitters who are from the same area where you live. Hence, if you both live in a major city, you basically have the same costs of living expenses. It follows then that the prevailing average babysitter rate in a major city is higher that those in smaller metropolitan areas or towns.

A preference for an older babysitter would also mean a consideration of the babysitter’s experience, although this doesn’t always follow. In fact, the experience factor will have more bearing than the age factor.

This is particularly important if the child to be cared for is a baby or a toddler less than three years old. The services of a more experienced babysitter will be more suitable but the average babysitter rate will border on the higher end of the compensation range.

2. The Time of Day

The average babysitter rate in this particular aspect can be a grey area in some cases. The regular babysitting-hours are said to be between 8:00am and 10:00pm. Accordingly, some parents contend that night time rates especially if to commence when the children are already sleeping should be less than the hourly rate applicable to daytime.

There is more work involved during the day when the children are awake and are supposed to be more demanding. The need for a nighttime babysitter is more focused on having a mature and experienced person, left in charge of the kids in case of emergency situations.

3. The Use of a Babysitting Rate Calculator

Since the matter of average babysitter rate will serve only as a base point for the babysitter’s remuneration, you will find a babysitting rate calculator handy in order to compute for the nearest and most ideal amount. This information can either be used as basis to pay for the sitter or for a babysitter’s use as the amount she will charge for her services.

Below are examples of how much the calculator will arrive at for three case scenarios with basically the same requirements but will differ only with the location.

The parents would like an adult babysitter with 2 to 4 years experience to baby-sit their child who is under three years of age, from late night up to early morning when she will do some cooking and cleaning. How much will be the average babysitter rate be if the household is located