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Fun “Little Children” attractions in Vermont?

Posted in Toddlers on 31st October 2010

question of thebee74 : Fun “toddler” attractions in Vermont ?
We will be in a resort at Ascutney Mountain in August with our 3-year-old twins. What are some good things to do in this area of Vermont? (We are on the way up to Ben & Jerry’s this week already planned.) Best Answer:

Reply by Erika M
If you like factory tours, you may want to consider the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory Tour as well. It’s in Shelburne. If you do not travel that far, they have a store in Waterbury, not far from Ben and Jerry’s. Run around like children. Take them on a picnic to some state parks near Ascutney. Or go to the cemetery Hope (Rt 14N just outside of Barre – take your camera). Check the free newspapers for free outdoor concerts. Many towns in Vermont have free concerts in one evening per week. The adults get to sit and listen to music while the kids around in circles, play and dance.

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