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I am wondering how to break a child of one attachment?

Posted in Child Care on 23rd November 2010

question by ♥ ♦ ♦ ♥ Pinches People’s Butts : I wonder how you break a child of the stubbornness ?
If I take things I hear “I do not care” If I do records that he either does not get it and write it with them punished, and yet they need to do and we go through this whole day I lang.Wenn him in the ground his room, he is still the same and the only thing that’s in there his bed and he beat him Kommode.Wenn I seem not to have him tried lernenIch talk to him calmly and explain what happened do not soll.Ich, otherwise know as the discipline of Kind.Er 7 years old Best Answer:

reply tiara22
Hopefully you get some good answers, I have the same problem with my 3 year alten.Außer if I spank my 3-year-old, she says “no me haha hurt “; _ylt = AnkvcioXbfcgpQb8dpahr.Tsy6IX;? _ylv = 3 qid = 20090724112812AATPsXT

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