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Which AT&T cell phone is right for me?

Posted in Toddlers on 20th December 2010

Which AT&T cell phone is right for me?
What I need:
-first and foremost, a good phone for talking
-music (my mp3 just died)
-insurance – I have kids 🙂
-maybe a smartphone? This is a want, not a need, and I won’t be getting the data service.

The top ones on my list are the Blackjack 2, Moto Q, A737, orw580i… but I’ve only just started looking.

Note: iphone, Duo, Curve and Tilt are out, cause they can’t be insured. The whole reason I need a new phone is ’cause my toddler “washed” mine for me.

Best answer(s):

Answer by ouch
First I’d call AT&T and see if you qualify for a free upgade, which then the phone will be free. You may just look on Ebay and see if there are any used phones that will suit you. If you’re sim card is bad on your phone, AT&T will send you a free Sim card for what ever phone you buy. You don’t have to buy a phone from them. You might even check at some Pawn Shops.

Answer by getLO0SE