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Help please. I want to be an assistant. I have a nurse for 22 years and have 2 children.?

Posted in Child Care on 17th January 2013

please help. I want to be an assistant. I have a nurse for 22 years and have 2 children.?
can someone advise, I have previously volunteered at the school – but I no longer am able to do this – work. I’m revaluation my life after my mother’s death and wanted to do this for many years. Getting Started … please help. Thanks Best Answer (s):.

response from MissBehavior
Actually there are many ways. in your local school district All you have to do is to apply. Go to their website and check out the classified special education openings. All orders is still open at this time of year that it. Considerable needs in this area You can also terrible jobs, as cautious sein.Ich think you need to think about what types of children interest you. If you want a normal ed teaching position, it is difficult to obtain, and they are usually only be opened at the beginning of the year. You will work with younger children, such as Pre-K and K, if you like small children, this might be the way to gehen.Ansonsten you are looking for a teaching position in special education. There are many opportunities in this field. They range from a one on one personal assistant, assistant in a special Klasse.Es would be good advise you on the type of kids who look like to work with. Life Skills classes for MR are kids are really fun, especially in grades 4-12. Most districts also have classes for children with mild to moderate intellectual disability who. Spaß.In also usually when you really like kids, stay away from lower grade Special Ed Classes They are often very difficult in terms of behavior and toileting problems. However, since you already have a nurse, you can also use a “self-care” assistant for children catheterized.

Answer by Sharon F I like to be the
, former teacher response. Lots of great ideas, so here are a few more to consider: In some districts, you actually need to as a teacher assistant / are certified paraprofessional. It may require a certain number of continuing education credits. But with your previous background and experience, perhaps this is something that can be dispensed with. It is worth trying to fragen.Neben various Special Ed. jobs, there are items such as reading Assistant / Assistant Title I and ESL Assistant. You may be asked to help with the paperwork, assessments, or actually providing reading intervention students. At our school there is an employee in the Guidance Department. This person is responsible for much of the research grants and reporting to the consultant. I think she is just a part time job, but important in terms of indirectly helping students with college Stipendien.Alles Good for You

response of REM
you have two great answers here already. I would find out in the district (s) you are interested in and what are the qualifications for becoming an assistant. I know here in Illinois you just have something like 30 hours of college credits, so you would be working as an assistant in order. Is that something you want to do in order to become a teacher? If so, it is a good start and make sure to watch the nice things you work the teachers do. I was a teacher’s assistant for a year while I was in college. I learned a lot from the job and it is a great “get your feet wet” Situation.Die teaching is a wonderful profession (such as nursing). The wizard in the room can be as much of a difference in the lives of students do so always as a teacher, how important you are in the classroom! Good luck!

Games to play with children as a child and youth worker assistant?

Posted in Babysitting on 27th November 2010

Games to play with children as a child and youth worker assistant?
im volunteering as a child and youth workers assistant
i dont get to actually counsel the children,
but i kind of “babysit” them while they’re getting counselled or to give the moms a break.
any ideas for games that will help them deal with different things? ie) abuse, getting self esteem, anger, etc
just different things i can do with them thats fun, but will still help them 🙂

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Answer by Lauren
Any games where they’re having fun will boost their self esteem and in turn help other factors.

1. Make duct tape headbands by wrapping duct tape around their foreheads backwards (sticky side out). Put paper clips on the floor and whoever gets the most on their headband wins.

2. Crab soccer. Everyone has to crawl on their hands and feet (tummy to ceiling) and kick the ball into the goal.

3. Set up a path in duct tape on the ground. Blindfold one person and have the other guide them with their voices only. Have a couple teams go at the same time and the quickest one to the end wins.

4. Charades or pictionary. Seriously people of all ages have fun with that.

I’ll add more if I can think of any 🙂

EDIT- ok, so for the kids who’s parents abused them with duct tape ?? get double sided clear tape and have them put it on their butts and get the paperclips.. That might be even funner lol.

Answer by celtic.piskie

Be very very careful when playing games with children who have been abused.

Talk to the councellor about things that will be appropriate.

Duct-tape …. what if they were restrained? They wouldn’t take kindly to having you put it on your head.

Talk to a councellor about what is or isn’t acceptable to the kids, you need to be sure that it’s okay.

Good luck,