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I need to pay off debt now! only asset is pending huge action I am the plaintiff?

Posted in Working Mothers on 27th February 2013

I need to pay off debt now! only asset is pending huge action I am the plaintiff?
Wrongful death suit “mother”;! Can I advocate for the money I know this sounds bad, but the cost of taking care of my mother, my finances, I ruined dont even have a car my brother never helped neither has my sister alone … Best Answer (s):

response from cridler
Until you get to the judgment and there are no outstanding appeals, you have no assurance of collection, so no one will give you an advance on credit. Just be honest with the creditors and get your life back together. You did the right thing, you have no family or friends who can help you in the meantime.

happen response from Beautiful ♥ ♥
Bad things in life .. sometimes can do theres finding u, but wait. Credit is important but not as important as surviving until the next day. You can only do so much, you may need to put off til they get bank to pay you things together, one of your debt if you can.

answer by Franco
You can ask your lawyer one thing that you like, and your question is entirely legitimate and relevant. Good luck, you deserve it.

response from bdancer222
If your only asset is a pending lawsuit, you did not really have any assets. A wrongful death lawsuit could drag on for years and years. Even if you win eventually your lawyer. Regardless of its spending and its share first You would probably part with siblings and other relatives, who will appear the woodwork for their piece of the action you teilen.Holen get a job and work your way out of debt. No more long waits for this process to sitzen.Sie still have to pay for your mother’s debt, no matter what the collectors are trying to tell you.

Collect Unpaid Child Support by Conducting an Asset Search

Posted in Child Support on 7th March 2012

Collect Unpaid Child Support by Conducting an Asset Search

If you are one of the many individuals in this country not receiving the child support that is due to you and you are struggling to make a decent living for yourself and your children as a result of this issue, conducting an asset search on the obligor or deadbeat parent is the first place to start.

With the economy at a low point, and the cost of living at a high point, it has become extremely difficult for many people, especially a single parent, to remain financially stable in this country. This is particularly true when the single parent has an ex-husband or wife that is not fulfilling his or her child support obligation. It is not uncommon for a parent to escape this responsibility. Some skip payments for weeks or months at a time, and others don’t pay at all, which forces the other parent to spend more money on attorney’s fees to file a Contempt Complaint or other related lawsuit.  

By conducting an asset search, you can potentially “reach and apply” assets, which will allow you to recover the funds that are due to you. An asset search will also give you valuable information that can help you decide whether or not to limit legal fees spent with your collections action. If your spouse does not have assets, you and your attorney may want to minimize your collections effort.

The best part is that conducting an asset search is quick and simple. Very little information must be provided to an asset search company. For example, at Asset Searches Plus, Inc., all that is needed is the subject’s name and last known address.

For additional information regarding your asset search, feel free to contact us at 1(800)290-1012, at, or