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Describe the woman who appears in your mind when someone says, “unmarried single mother”?

Posted in Working Mothers on 1st November 2010

question by Courtney S : Describe the woman who appears in your head when someone “unmarried single mother,” said ?
How many children would you assume it has what look she wants, she has to go to school, work she wants, she is an active member of society? I totally agree, that doesn’t have something, an active member to do or society. However, scars are places on certain character types, such as this, and I was just curious to know how, what these “scars” can be (as an unmarried pregnant single mother) …. I could, I completely agree with your point of view paste Best Answer:

reply wildkuntry07
unmarried single mother – says only that she has a child, perhaps more, perhaps the choice not to marry because she found someone just not worth the time …. This expression has nothing to do an active member of society …

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