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Can anyone recommend a car seat for a long baby in Britain?

Posted in Child Support on 18th September 2013

Can anyone recommend a car seat for a long baby in Britain?
Hello, my baby almost five months old and 20 pounds. It is a very long baby. He has almost grown its Jane Strata car seat. I know that he is not in a forward-facing car seat UNTIL he has to go at least 1 year old. Can anyone recommend a rear-facing baby seat for the bigger baby? I’m in the UK so that I can buy here I must. Thanks Best Answer (s):

answer by KC
Britax TWE. It has the highest shell on the European market and allows your baby to stay RF to £ 55! (And it five times safer than a child in direction of travel). See it here: if you do not want to buy from abroad, go here: and find a provider near you. But for a large infant, I would gehen.Jetzt for Britax TWE I know what you’re thinking, why is 5 times safer to keep a child facing backwards? Start Daughter is 22 months 25 pounds and is in an RF Brio Zento. When she outgrows it, they will go into a Britax TWE to keep their RF least 5yo! 🙂 If you have any questions, take the “Extended Rear Facing Support” group in the community to You will not find any help from stores like Mothercare or Halfords. Since the recommendations are 9 kg for turning an infant FF in England, the high street stores are not legally and will not sell. So you can need to look further afield, as the second link I posted start. Good luck Ps A baby is a RF car seat outgrown when maximum weight and / or have reached, have less than 1 inch of hard shell above the head. Long legs are not one thing on his mind when he left bleiben.In this sense, many shell wrinkled legs is not a problem when RF. It _no_ documented cases of broken legs from a RF child was, but it has a lot of broken neck / spine injuries, cases of internal decapitation and even death of FF children. So, viewed from this standpoint, would you choose? Broken legs can be fixed. Broken necks / spines not. 🙂

Does anyone know if hypnosis is real?

Posted in Babysitting on 30th August 2013

Does anyone know if hypnosis is real?
My husband and I have a date night every Thursday. We have been making this night for nearly nine years. We have two children, Daniel, nine, and Michelle, eleven. We will probably ask Michelle “baby sit” too soon we have a neighbor used for the past two years to see the kids when we are outside. We have spent time with her parents and trusted Julie for quite some time jetzt.Ehrlich said, I do not know exactly, but I suspect that this girl was hypnotized my two children while she is getting paid over and over they wachen.Der reason why I think this is because my son Daniel has been very interested in the clothing of his older sisters. I recently caught him wearing her panties while getting ready for bed. I came into his room and when I saw him, had no idea what to say. I was not even sure if the underwear he wore belonged to my daughter, but I thought they did because I had been the one to go out and buy it for sie.Ich asked him why he was wearing girl’s panties and he told me that he had to wear panties that he was to be a girl. He said that he was born a boy, but that was a mistake. I noticed that, while he said this to me, his face went completely blank, his eyes glazed over and he was a kind of reciting a script that he had learned. At that time I did not notice this but later, it seemed clear to me.I really did not know what to do then, so I his sister Michelle’s room next door, she went to see. I asked her about the laundry and tried to understand from the situation make. She behaved as if there was nothing out of place. I had not the heart to go through their underwear drawer in this Nacht.Ich’m not sure, but I think Daniel went to bed that night in a pair of Michelle Schlüpfer.Am next day, when Daniel fell into the kitchen for breakfast, I was trying to do, as if nothing was okay, but I was very worried. I did not know if would be my nine year old gay and I was very satisfied with my husband to talk about the situation besorgt.Zu this point I had not even as Julie as a suspect in the situation, but it was not long before I found several . After some time I decided to try to monitor when Julie was babysitting the children every week, but I did not know how to do that. At the time I knew nothing about secret cameras and stuff. Also, I was hesitant to say anything to my husband about my suspicions. So I made a History 1 week where my husband would drop me at my girlfriends place early and he would go to his friends to arrange the place, took to poker spielen.Das whole three weeks and I almost lost interest. The matter was, however, during this time, holding Danny act more and more strangely. He talked about girl stuff. For example, how he wished he could join the cheerleading team, and how he thought the girl cheerleading outfits were particularly nice and he liked the school Farben.Eines day, after school, he asked me out of the blue, as The girls decide to wear what size bra. He asked me how beautiful girl choose the colors of their bras and if the girls feel pretty when they wear really femine looking BHs.Ich did not know what to say. I think I brushed off the remark of the Zeit.In to this kind happens to be Thursday night, date night with my husband. We end up going out but returned early at my insistence. When we got back to the house, I diverted my husband with some inquiry and walked around the garden next to the house, look in the window. What I saw made me.I looked into the side living room window and saw my nine-year-old Daniel in a pair of pink panties and a sports bra that I was adopted my daughter. He was in the act of stepping into a nylon half slip that I knew that we bought a week or two ago for Michelle. I could see that he had little ribbons tied in her hair and the look on his face was seltsam.Ich could also see Michelle wear them on the couch nearby. Her hands were folded in her lap, and she stared straight ahead with no expression on her face. They had not all the time that I saw with her flashing through the window. I was totally ausgeflippt.Gerade when I was going to go to the front door, Julie the babysitter produced what looked like a pocket watch on a chain, swinging it from Danny’s face. I could not hear what they say to him, but I could clearly see that he was thrilled and immediately froze and stared with this blank look on. I was beside myself. I looked back at Michelle but she did not even seem to notice nothing. She was in her own trance, think ich.An this point, I ran around the house and met my husband, the walk to the main walk was. We have on the door at the same time and went hineinEs was a confrontation at the time there and we ended up calling Julie’s pa Best Answer (s):

reply spirit of witch
Well, it is real, but Wowwie old is this girl, she seems very erfahrenUnd they should not do hypnosis without the consent of your children, because it can apparently they damage or funktionieren.Um could not really explain why they are acting strange all the time. If it has not made them do that. But wow, I know this stuff works really well with consent but still wow

Reply Desirree
I think that you to get rid of your babysitter need. I think I hypnosis. I teamed up to self hypnosis for confidence. This is also something you can look into. But their is a good chance that your son be gay. But as I said a chance because of what I’ve heard so far is how the babysitter up to something sounds. Or you could try therapists. Good Luck.

Reply by military supporter
hypnosis is not easy to do. Most people “under” hypnosis are not and do exactly what they are told, because that is what the people who are hypnotized do.It takes to do a lit of training, and I doubt a teenager could be success likely to reach only the power of suggestion.

Reply J.Anson
are certified hypnotists. I know of one with years of training, graduate students, the whole game. Hes worked with many smokers and made tape recordings. It mostly depends on the subject / patient / client’s willingness to go through it. It is not rly work if u have a closed eye, so that the children can simply issues b. They are easy to impress! IDK how old is the babysitter, but if u like it and look to an older child, you’ll probably do what they / ask tell u tun.Hoffe that helps!

Reply by mike
although that is so real, I do not think that what is going on. Remember that your son may want to be a girl. I would know a few nanny cams without julie. If shes doing something shes not assume you will catch it on video. If you end up doing to catch something, julie say shes been caught and show their parents.

Anyone disappointed that Republicans hold the popular provisions Obamacare?

Posted in Child Care on 6th March 2013

Who disappointed that Republicans hold the popular provisions Obamacare?
I heard Republicans go on and on about “How dare you force it, that the health care company, to keep my college age kids on my health,” and also the provision to keep the provision on non-discrimination against people with Vorerkrankungen.Und now the Republicans actually support these two Bestimmungen.http :/ / Best Answer (s):

response from A-Rod Namikaze
The individual mandate is the worst part.

response from GOZ2FAST
Even a broken clock can be right twice a day … if that’s all they are good 2800 pages of garbage it should be so.

answer I’m losing it. you
are so over the fact that they complain compromised? This is a problem for you?

answer by Elana
Aw C’mon. Have you found out that most of the “I’d get rid of it all” is crowing only partison? Most Republican politicians know that this country is the health system in trouble, and most know that the insurance company stranglehold warum.Mein only problem with Obama care is that it is a half of a $ $ ed solution. If you plan to socialize medicine are doing it in a way that does not create more paperwork than it braucht.Der average Americans receive poorer health care than most of the industrialized world, which has a kind of nationalized health care. Perhaps not very rich Americans get excellent health care, but the average American. And of course, get poor Americans terrible care.

response from Brian
Actually no one is forcing insurance companies to those children to keep their plans. they forced employers to allow parents, these children on the plan and allowed the families, their children on the family plan to hold longer hold, the insurance companies would continue to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions bezahlt.Soweit I think it is wrong to force a, company against an incident that has already taken place to insure. I think it is wrong for a customer, the insurance has to pay after an incident occurs drop though.

reply by Kiran C
requesting coverage of the existing conditions without a mandate before is a recipe for disaster. Coverage of children up to 25 and the other benefits of ACA effective in the first six months only adds 2% percent increase in health care costs. Create a guaranteed issue policy without the mandate caused insurance premiums to rise quickly.

response from u_wish_i_would_talk_2_u