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Why do my answers get injuries?

Posted in Child Care on 22nd April 2013

Why do my answers get injuries?
I have 2 in the last 24 StundenIch’m not saying anything wrong Best Answer (s):
Answer by Barkley Hound

Without seeing your question or answer I kann.Fragen only guess and its replies are deleted from one of these reasons: ✔ There came no reply 4 days. ✔ “no best answer” won the vote. ✔ The best answer violates the Community Guidelines. ✔ The question violates the community guidelines. ✔ The asker has gelöscht.Die injury system works in the first 4 days following . If several people report a question or answer it is removed. It is then up to you to prove that you can not Yahoo. Violate any guidelines There is a link at the bottom of the page on “Community Guidelines.” Most injuries are question to chat. That would be no question where the answer could only be of benefit to the questioner, or you are specifically asked what an individual thinks or does. “Am I beautiful?” “What have you for dinner?” To give an answer that does not directly answer the question, is also a violation. For example: “The same thing happened to me.” “I agree,” “This is a stupid question.” ℬ ℋ Etc.

Reply oknola
Enough people. report your answers to the computer programs that trigger do three things – you remove your question or answer from the main display, to send a violation notice by e-mail in your inbox, and draw a line through your response under “My Answers” and “My activity” Tabs.Sie and can appeal any infringement. There should be an active hyperlink to blue “Customer Care” or a longer URL, which should take about an online appeal form. If you win the appeal, is your answer to the same location on the main screen that has been deleted from be restored, but the question is down the side have moved and will probably go in voting for the best answer before the happens. Report troll answers and questions for no reason at all other than the person who answered the question to get angry. YA is community moderated. YA EVERY member of the community is also an unpaid moderator YA. That’s what hyperlinks are “Report Abuse” all this. As long as that’s your hyperlink blue, it is active. There is no time limit for reporting abuse YA “… Question: What is an internet troll.” How should I deal with trolls? Answer: use an Internet ‘Troll’ is an abusive or offensive user, shock value, to promote arguments and disharmony in online communities. Named after an evil troll creatures of children’s stories, an internet troll is someone who stirs up drama and abuse of their online anonymity by intentionally sowing hatred, bigotry, racism, mysogyny, or just bickering between others. Trolls such a large audience, so they often blog sites, news sites, discussion forums and chat game. Trolls thrive in an environment where they are allowed, public comments are to be made. At the end of the lighter spectrum troll trolls personal friends who sting and joke with their friends are welcome to be accessible online. In this case, “trolling” means “to stop hassling me, or I will not invite you to my birthday party.” At the end of the harder spectrum troll, trolls are cruel and malicious users who specify an online community on fire with hatred and discord möchten.Die sad truths Internet Trolls: 1.Trolls are immune to criticism and logical arguments. True trolls can not be reasoned, regardless of how sound your logical argument is. 2.Trolls not feel remorse like you and me. They have sociopathic tendencies, and accordingly, they delight in other people having hurt feelings. 3.Trolls view themselves as independent of the social Ordnung.4.Trolls not comply with the rules of etiquette or politeness. 5.Trolls look through social responsibility. 6.Trolls gain energy by you insulting. 7.Trolls gain energy when you get angry. 8.The only way to deal with a troll is to ignore him, or take away his ability to post online. … “Http://

Reply tbshmkr
not possibly answer the . Question = A commentary on the question or other answers is not the answer -. thejanith of
This is an information sharing site -. chatroom or no social contact website or discussion forum questions need to be here, the information or advice of general interest to the community. answers must try to answer the question. Whenever you leave a comment instead of a real answer, is that a Verletzung.Wenn you have logged in to use this site, you agree the community guidelines follow here. Please read them. They are short and only one real minute to read through. then you will see what is exactly this type of website and is not. Policies are under the ABOUT tab at the top of the page gefunden.Sobald you have read it, there is even a short quiz you take you can get 20 extra points. It also lets you know if you think the rules as well as you, you understand. violations cost 10 points each . Be sure you know how to avoid them.

reply by RAY G We can not really advise you without knowing exactly what you beantwortet.Aber I . disagree with tbshmkr A quick skim milk your deleted answers will find some of them on the edge of “No sh * t Sherlock” diversity skating: not technically correct, but so unspecific to information largely free Many readers consider it as non-reportable. answers, and perhaps those who reported were those who were definitely not answer.

response of Chetak.
It mmust So as you are asking them, and if they do not exactly trivial

Question about pregnancy? No rude answers please, long story, 10 pts?!?

Posted in Working Mothers on 8th October 2012

Question about pregnancy? No rude answers please, long story, 10 pts?!?
Okay so i’m a little paranoid but then again i’ve always been a worry wart. ANYWAY, saturday i was hanging out with my boyfriend and i sat on his lap, we were facing each other, i had just finished my period but i had my pad on because i sometimes randomly leak after wards, i basically dry-humped him, we both had jeans on, he his boxers, and me with mine and my pad. The day after, on sunday, i did the same thing but not as long, as the day before, still with jeans on and everything except this time i didn’t have my pad on. My question is, can i possibly be pregnant? I keep seeing these signs of “mother” and “baby” popping up everywhere, but maybe its just my paranoia working up. Please help, this may sound ridiculous and im pretty well educated on sex its just i hear there is a possibility for pregnancy, even though sperm dies as soon as it hits air.
It was cold outside, we were in his backyard on the grass wrestling about. We both had jeans on, and i had a pad on saturday not on sunday. His pants were not wet, i was actually really careful about that.

Best answer(s):

Answer by super— answer
if you were wearing jeans, then there is no possible way that you can be pregnant.

Answer by perfectvelvet
The chance is so slim, it’s pretty much 0.

Answer by latina14545
the only way you can get pregnant is if his dick is in you and he cums in you sometimes even pre cum. so your fine. theres nooooo way you can be pregnant.
your just paraniod.

Answer by Sarah Smith
No, i dont think you can get pregnant from that..
But if your really worried, take a pregnancy test!

Answer by ℓiℓα мιℓℓιon ∂яεαм
Hmmm i really don’t think so because well you weren’t ovulating at that moment since you just had gotten of your period and if hes penis didn’t enter your vagina i don’t think its possible maybe its all in your head and just a quick thing sperm does not die when it hits the air it does die but it takes time maybe 5 mins or a couple of hours depending on the temperature of the room

Answer by Kendy63
You guys werent technically having sexual intercourse there for you cannot get pregnant. The sperm has to get to the ovaries pretty fast and seeing as you guys were dry humping i see no possible way.

Answer by Amanda
Just an FYI the penis dosen’t need to be in the vagina to get a girl pregnant, the sperm or pre-ejaculate fluid just needs to be close enough to the vagina (it swims ask any doctor). But since you most likely were not ovulating and you had jeans on and so did he then the answer would be no you are not pregnant.

Q & A: Getting answers Countvey: words to live or grow up to pee in my pants a little baby? “

Posted in Toddlers on 31st October 2010

says question by Dr. KIA GCG SucKIT Whores ™ : Getting answers Countvey: words to live or grow up to pee in my pants a little baby “?
discuss Best Answer:

reply NAEs J
why you always drag me into your secular ways pee?

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