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Hubby forgot my anniversary, but it’s my fault?

Posted in Toddlers on 17th November 2010

question from Kristi g : Husband forgotten anniversary, but it’s my fault ?
ok, so husband forgot our anniversary (8 years). and he is forgotten in good, so was the topic today on the phone and I was with him in order. (I indicated, my bad). I was even suggested that we do not deal with him he would not have that pressure again. Tables were also made on me. he shouted at me, then hung up. he cried, “why did you feel about me me like s *** what I have to look at the calendar every f’in day? You said something yesterday!” then “click”. I know pretty much everything for him. remind him of every family birthday. He does not do anything. I take care of the house, housework, kids, bills, etc. he is working and watching the young children (and keeping them in the living room with him while watching TV or playing on the computer) so I look can take papers. Laundry and dishes are much easier to do w / o small children “help” lol. So, how is his lack of memory my fault? help me, verstehen.Ja, he is spoiled, he showed that shortly after moving in together. I realized too late that his mother did everything for him and his father constantly taking cracks, as incompetint his son. I just wanted to ignore all anniversaries from now, so he does not care about themselves for it and I will be disappointed wouln’d more. trying to make things easier. I think I should let it all go. he knows it 4 days ago, but do not know, yesterday was the day. I do not ask for anything, just recognition for what I endured;) only a “Happy Anniversary” would have been acceptable. We have 4 children and I can resentfull for the care of everything for 6 Best Answer.

reply hopelessromantic86
Sounds like you have to try marriage counseling. No one should talk, so to each other, it is not healthy.

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