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A couple of Anna Nicole Smith questions. . .?

Posted in Child Care on 15th July 2012

A couple of Anna Nicole Smith questions. . .?
For those of you who are making her sound like some saint, and not the gold digging whore that she really was, I have a couple of questions.

1) What has she done that’s so great to be getting all of this press coverage? There are dozens of American servicemen/women dying weekly, sometimes daily, who get no coverage at all. How is what they do not more important than what some stripper/porn star/golddigger did during her life?
2) You all seem to “care” for her daughter sooo much. Did you know that in Africa, everyday, thousands of infants lose their mothers and fathers to war, starvation, diesease, and famine? Why didn’t you “care” and worry about those children? I didn’t see any posts from you all then.
3) Did you know that there are millions of fatherless children in the U.S.? Yes, there are, it’s nothing new. Women have children out of marriage all the time. Why hasn’t there been so much uproar about them all like there is w/ Anna Nicole Smith?
The number of bleeding hearts for Anna Nicole Smith and her “family” are just ridiculous. So many people die everyday and none of you post about it but here she dies and you make it seem like Gandhi or MLK died. WTF is up with that?

REALLY, what makes her special that she gets all of this press time and sympathy?

Best answer(s):

Answer by emiliosailez
Why bother?

Answer by Sick Puppy
Don’t get worked up over it. She’s dead, forget it and move on.

Answer by mizzjerry
I agree with you 100%.I thought I was the only one that thought all this news is a waste of time.She did nothing to benefit society.We should be more worried about our service men who are dying,or the children who are dying because their parents can’t afford to heat their house.Our priorities in this country are really sad.Hopefully her new baby can now have a normal life,which she wouldn’t have had with her mother.

Answer by namkciub
totally agree!! btw what did she ever do to warrant so much attention besides posing nude, marrying an old codger for his money and spreading her legs for every man she ever met?

Answer by juicie813
I agree with you when you say that she did nothing of significance. I can’t judge her regarding her being a gold digger because no one really knows whether or not she really loved the man or not. Quite a few have come out and said that they had an affair with her. But again no one really knows what she was doing. Besides who are we to judge. I don’t think that anyone is without sin. As for her daughter, I have said it before and I will say it again. It is always sad when a child loses a parent and if I was financially able, I would adopt as many as I could afford. Anna Nicole’s daughter’s paternity was an issue because the media made it one. If they didn’t report it no one would care No child is fatherless or they wouldn’t be here. There are just a bunch of irresponsible men out here making babies and not caring for them. It is a sad situation.

Answer by Sandi Beach
Not trying to make her out to be a saint. I don’t make excuses for her choices in life, they were her’s to make. We all make bad & good choices at one time or another. As far as the press, blame them. They get off on sensation because it sells. It’s what the majority of the public wants. The glitzier , the better. The press is not allowed to publicize in depth the details,of the death’s of the men & women serving America because the leader of this fine country won’t allow it. Ever since the picture of the flag draped coffins was publicized, he issued an order to the press to stop. Yes I care about the poor children in Africa & in America who don’t have any parents to care for them. And I contribute what I am able monetarily to assist charities to help these poor children & also do my part locally. The uproar to me should be because there are so many people who are judging this human being. And no one has a right to judge her or anyone else but God. She led a very troubled life & yes it was by her choice that her life was so crazed but she obviously was searching for something that she souldn’t seem to find. I hope she is resting in PEACE!