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In America’s Health Care System … what major supplier, greed, or CARE?

Posted in Child Care on 31st October 2010

question of Canucklehead : In America’s Health Care System … what is more important provider of greed or CARE ?
I had an appointment for 10.15 clock my 4 month old son today. We arrived at 10.05 clock and checked in. At 11:00 Clock I went back to the main desk and asked if we were there, they are still waiting … she said yes and smiled kannte.20 minutes later we were werden.Haben of a waiting area to another waiting room where the nurse informed me that the doctor was overbooked and it could now move to wait another 30 minutes they tell me, when I first verified that the Doc was overbooked ??????? NO … of course not. If they did, that the people could decide who drop out with the doctor and an appointment with a doctor who does not allow employees their appointments überbuchen.Also we wait …. and we wait … and the baby starts to cry because he is tired of waiting …. and wait as we do I think “I want a doctor who rushed to see my child?” After another 15 minutes I decide that no doctor so damn greedy, he is going to allow overbooking happen then only spend only 5 minutes looking over my child, “No, I take care of a doctor about my child.” So we went out … Someone wants to tell me what’s so great about America’s Health System GREED? Someone will explain to me how the care in America spend more than the doctors themselves much about 5 minutes with a patient? If American doctors only so much smarter than docs in other countries that 5 minutes to everything they need is? Is a two-hour wait in America the same as a waiting time of two hours in Canada? Or is it any better in America … just because you are in America? “You are the adoption of the doctor’s motivation was greed,” Well let’s see, I was not told at check-in, that the doc was overbooked … sure way to think about the people to wait twice … and when they realized they had overbooked, no one seems to try, even name a few patients and ask them to move to … on the basis that I would say that my assumption is correct Best Answer.

reply ci50158
greed, without a doubt.

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