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How do liberal Americans not see rich Democrats as gigantic hypocrites?

Posted in Child Care on 21st January 2011

How do liberal Americans not see rich Democrats as gigantic hypocrites?
“Nationalize health care!”
They get free health care.

“Tax the rich!”
They’re all rich – but tax exempt.

“It’s all the rich people’s fault!”
See above.

“Help your fellow man!”
They live in isolated mansions, live in elitist societies, and give their children the best of everything.

Republicans in government do all of the same things, they just don’t preach the quotations. To me they are stomach-able for at least openly being dicks.

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Answer by Bruno

Answer by Dr. Chupacabra, MD
Show some respect.
Rich people build the roller coasters I throw up on.

Answer by dnafairy
Because Democrats don’t see hypocrisy in other Democrats.

Answer by MTV Please Pimp My Ride!!!
They think limousines liberals can relate to them because they all share the same “emotional argument” for big government.

Answer by Keith M
Rich aint the problem

The problem is greed.

Greed is not good . Deregulated, corrupted banks and wall street joints killed this country. Not rich people. I know tons of responsible rich people who arent greedy and corrupt

Answer by Bethy
Its just another nail in the coffin of the liberal/progressive ideology

If you want the poor to eat

Give away your money

If you want to stop global warming, dont fly and drive little

Some do care about the issues but they would rather demand others stop then themselves.

Answer by Chicago Conservative
It’s the elephant in the living room that us conservatives see as clearly as Nancy Pelosi’s bad Botox! What a fabulous summary of the sham of liberalism!

Answer by Lttlehrse
Kerry, Pelosi, Edwards, Clinton, Feinstein, Gore, and ALL the Kennedys are prime examples of silver spoon libbies who want to help the downtrodden PROVIDED they don’t have to live them.

Answer by The Big A — American Atheist
How come poor republicans can’t see how stupid they are —

besides your kind of just making stuff up — some truths but half truths at best

Answer by Sageandscholar
“Nationalize health care” – nobody is seriously advocating anything of the sort. Neither the House nor senate bill nationalizes anything.
“Tax the rich” – I do not know how rich democrats are tax exempt – perhaps you could clarify.
“It’s all the rich people’s fault” – this is a tacky straw man argument used by Republicans who do not want to respond to real arguments.

When you are ready to actually debate what liberals do propose let us know. Until then keep up the ignorant hate.

Well, “Health Care” a “right” is, we should not provide this “right” and for all Americans?

Posted in Child Care on 1st November 2010

question of MobFather : Well, “Health Care” is a “right”, we should not give this “right” and for all Americans ?
** ** CRISIS CRISIS CRISIS CRISIS CRISIS ** ** ** ** It is a fundamental right is denied 55% of all Americans. This denial cost over 16,000 lives per year, or more than 44 fellow Americans die every day that we delay. ? What should the light of these shocking figures to do the example of President Obama and the Democrats have in Congress, there is only one answer: Universal Gun Care for every American. Surely a law in the Bill of Rights (2d Amendment) outlined is as important as a right not found the Constitution (Health) • Conventional estimates that 45% of all U.S. households own a firearm. This leaves at least 55% of all Americans “discovered.” • In 2008 there were 16 272 murders in the U.S.. How many of those could have been prevented if the victims have been able to protect themselves? • Contract for every American to buy a weapon or if one of their employer (children under 26 can share a gun with their parents) • Tax credits to offset the cost of acquisition (for those who are less than $ 250,000 per year and everyone in Nebraska) • For those who can not afford, grant or subsidy to a weapon (union members may be two arms subsidized before 2018 ) Purchase • The financing of a number of community-based arms traders and hospitals and firing ranges (especially in underserved urban and rural areas) • Monthly ammunition benefit, so choose anyone between feeding their children to pay the rent or purchase a box of cartridges .38 Special hatWenden you today. The time to act is jetzt.http: / / – This is exactly the point I would make about health care Best Answer:

reply R8derMike
Have some tea and relax.

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