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Do you think there will always be an effective solution to teen pregnancy?

Posted in Child Support on 12th June 2013

Do you think there will always be an effective solution to teenage pregnancy?
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Answer by Invisible Pink’s an RN
Nope! However, it is the lowest ever in over three decades.

Reply Barbie19xx
So what if she is pregnant, her choice to get pregnant or keep the baby

response from vada
Yup. I think schools should be a class of naturally see a free life in nanny for half the school year and how it is to be a mother to be. They will do anything and yet is “child support” of their choice “teen dad” and spending on diapers, formula, etc., and I still have to juggle a part time job and school. You have the child all weekend and after school. they will live alternately with their parents, the children of different temperaments, age, and some with disabilities. Teen boys need to get a part time job and pay the “mothers” of all their check-in to help with diapers, formula, etc., and the weekends live with the family to spend, because statistically young fathers are less present in real-time life anyway when real teenage mothers give birth. I would assume both parties would be willing to jump off a bridge to end this and will be happy to pass the course and will be more careful when rolling around in the hey. Those who fail big time and be held back a grade. The real mothers of babies grade them and the mothers are paid in free child care for the youngsters as well as diaper, formula and clothes money on the “Teen Father” paycheck from their real part time jobs that they have provided during the duration of the course hold.

Are you missing your cat / kitten, if you work to the shops, or where you always they can not?

Posted in Working Mothers on 31st December 2012

you missing your cat / kitten, if you go to the shops, work, or place where you can not find it?
I love to do go home, I can see my cat Best Answer (s):.
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Yeah, I do, and all the people “no” I think they recognize them as Familie.Meine cats are my family, and I love home get and see them all happy and meow me 🙂

response from Demi Lovato
If I had my pet cat, I used to think in the class while in school and always ask my friend “Will my cat safe and give a call to my mother, if she is at home.” This made me confortable when I’m out. Think not only in the classroom, in the party, shopping or even for only minutes from I about my cat, I verwendet.Wenn come home first thing is to see my cat or ask my mother, “Where is my cat? ” If not at home i used to be very excited and nervous thinking something was going badly for my cat .. My cat was with me 4 years later where it went i don t no way I hear petting cats, because I go crazy again and can not respond to my work.

answer concentrate by jim m
I’m the same way. We love our cats! You can like a child.

response from Melissa
I always miss my cat where I go!

response from jljoanie be
Yes, I do. But the good thing my cats have a cat tree at home, so I know not to get bored. They are having the time of their lives on their playhouse.

why do dads that pay child support always tell the mom that they are paying their car payment or house payment

Posted in Child Support on 15th November 2011

why do dads that pay child support always tell the mom that they are paying their car payment or house payment
would you guys like an itemized statement of purchases? id be glad to provide one….then you all could see how very little your “BIG CHILD SUPPORT” really helps.
big d my child was asleep ….dont you feel like an ass now.

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Answer by Kate A
Because they are assholes.

Answer by M C
Kate A has it.

Answer by Big D
If it’s not that important then why aren’t you spending this time caring for your child. Oh that’s right you need to justify you ignorance.

Answer by Bad_fish
I do know some moms that don’t spend their child support checks on their children, they buy themselves clothes, get their nails done, go out with friends. It’s really sad. I can’t stand women that spread their legs for a welfare or child support check, they make me sick.

Answer by bkelly is a loser
my buddy was working about 60 hours a week to come home to find his wife cheating on him. They got divorced, and he got involved in drugs, lost his good job, and still has to pay her almost $ 1,000 a month for one child. On top of that, her family is loaded, she has no job, and recently took a vacation to the caribbean without their child.

That child support might not seem like a lot to you, but to some guys, it’s A LOT to handle. You seemed to be taking a crack at ALL guys, but there are just as many floozies out there just after that child support check as there are dead beat dads

sorry, after reading the comments on here, i’ve changed my mind. NOT JUST EVERY SINGLE DIVORCED FATHER, EVERY SINGLE MAN IN THE WORLD IS AN A-HOLE!

Answer by The pink panther
I know my husband pays alot in childsupport and that it does go for the exes’ housenote. then she has the nerve to ask for more money for dues, tuition, shoes clothes because there’s no money left for what the daughter needs. He’s ex couldn’t live where she does without childsupport money.

Answer by needhelp27
because they are lol………….the courts dont care about the kids they make them pay sooooooooo much to where they are supposrting the other party

Answer by Tammy
My child support pays my car loan, her dad can think whatever, i really don’t care, but as far as im concerned I need my car for tranportation for my daughter and I, as long as mothers arn’t using it for drugs and alcohol it doesn;’t matter how you use it. It’s funny how dad’s can bitch about certain things but in reality they dont understand the hard work it takes to raise a child, they always look pass that, single mothers/fathers have 2 full times jobs, work and taking care of children/child,

Answer by BigStick
hey babe, it seems that you is the one that has the guilty consience and is trying to justify the expenditure. As for me, I couldn’t care less if the mom was paying off car, house or even a high powered new fangled vibrator. Once its left my pocket, I have no control over it. Yeah, I know, all us men are A Holes, how can we ever forget, you keep reminding us all the time.

Answer by amandalynnesmith19

Because most of the greedy, lazy ass ex wives prefer to spend dads hard earned money on the her bar tabs, and her trailer mortgage and a dishwasher, while dad still has to buy all the clothing, entertainment and food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats why.