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Why do politicians always have to increase the minimum wage, although he spoke to a negative impact on the economy?

Posted in Child Care on 16th November 2010

question Ask me after I had pizza : Why do politicians always talk about raising the minimum wage, although it has a negative impact on the economy ?
Do they not understand the economic impact of raising the minimum wage has on the attitude and the bottom line cost of goods to consumers? “Barack Obama, the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, said on Monday that his economic security for working women in Montana and elsewhere offer by the proposed tax cuts, a higher minimum wage and an extension of sick pay in case of illness and tax credits for child care. “ was never intended to be a “living wage”. Simply put, it’s a reward is to be used as a springboard as you build value increase skills / training to your Best Answer.

reply by Joseph S You
richtig.Das are sneaky liberals. Minimum wage is destructive, it is for those who meet the clinical defninition of an idiot and it abolished werden.Barack Hussein Obama, but this is combined with any other rotten liberal cause known to read the human race to unterstützen.Bitte: http : / /ßerdem:

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