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she’s texting another guy, ALOT?

Posted in Babysitting on 3rd November 2010

she’s texting another guy, ALOT?
my girlfriend has started to text message this guy we met through a mutual friend a few months back. I’ve only met him once and he seems like a decent guy, he’s single and has a 7 month old baby. I have no problem with her having male friends but 10 – 15 texts EVERYDAY, and it not as if they’re really close or anything, she doesnt even text her sister that much! It just doesnt seem normal to me. Yes I am jealous but atleast that means i care about her! she says i have nothing to worry about and she has nothing to hide from me but when she’s texting or chatting to him on Facebook she tries her best to hide it from me, which to me is as good as cheating. We live together and she has a 6yr old daughter who i love as if she were my own. she was born deaf and blind and my girlfriends ex would act like she didnt exist but because i’m the complete opposite she can trust me to look after her even over night and she wont even do that with her own family! This means that now she has the freedom to get a break from her little girl and go to her best friends house, which she does almost every night. i dont have a problem with that because it makes her happy, its just, while im sat here “baby sitting” (which is fine with me, i love her daughter) she will be at her friends house smoking drugs and texting other guys. Am I being taken for advantage of? I trust her 100% and know that she’s not the sort the sort of person that would cheat on me physically with anyone. and what does this guy think, ” she texts me back all the time, is she interested in me? ” . Its obvious he fancies her but im sure a lot of guys do, she’s really pretty. He like to write poems about his daughter so my girlfriend asked him to write a poem for her saying what he thought of her, i’ve seen it and it said he fancies her and he thinks she’s great and that i’m lucky to have her (which i am) but she still tells me that he doesnt fancy her. i dont know how to approach her about the subject because i dont want to upset her or take away her freedom, because she didnt have any in her previous relationship. its been going on for weeks and now its really starting to get me down. Advice please !!!

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Answer by cameron_1st
I only read the title (text too long), but if she’s texting some other dude 10-15 times a day, that’s not ok and you should dump her before you get hurt.

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you text another girl a lot. tit for tat.