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No more Little League All-Star game because of hurt feelings?

Posted in Working Mothers on 13th February 2013

No more Little League All-Star game because of hurt feelings?
If you are a parent, would agree to prohibit the Little League All-Star Game, because children who did not make it might have to cut there hurt feelings Best Answer (s):

response from LadyofTHFC
This political correctness has gone loony …. Children need to learn that they lose sometimes in life is a good grief, what kind of world we are creating, not enjoy participating and not winning? Be

response from jackpi21
Yes, it can grow as both Dick and George!

response from yankeesmann1918 I
completely with this “mother” do not agree. You must learn that you can not always win in life, and if you teach children that to win their only order and it’s not okay to accept the defeat, which is one of the worst things you can teach children können.Auch, although I’m not a team, I enjoy playing baseball and I played on a softball team a few times. I know his. Great for a player to make it to an All-Star game, but it’s not like the end of the world if you do not make it For me, if you. Your best skills and play a lot of heart while playing any sport and you just love it, that’s the bottom line If you do not make the All Star Game, and if you are a smart player, you can use it as motivation to step on view through your game and see if you can make it to the All-Star game the following season. Who is the mother, I hope she can really learn what the real meaning of winning and losing, and if they want to complain about baseball, I hope she learns how baseball actually works before they complained again, and that one not always win in life.

answer by Yousef I. yes you punk