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Obama allowing the world to show the approval of Ex Pres. Bush torture tactics?

Posted in Child Care on 14th December 2010

Obama allowing the world to show the approval of Ex Pres. Bush torture tactics?
Regarding Obama showing the world how terrorist were interrogated….why does he not show a womb to the whole world carrying a child while it has an abortion being preformed while it helplessly tries to get away from the wielding sharp razors (knives)cutting away at it precious life…these babies are innocent God sent children yes… children not fetuses or blobs. The terrorist are guilty of all sort of horrible crimes, the babies are innocent !! Obama is wrong here! Are there not others who do not idolize Obama feeling this way? How can a man who calls himself a man who “cares” about our children do this ? He approves of butchering millions of unborn children and leaving them to die in a dark room after a botches abortion and approves partial birth abortion..what worse is this so called Christians who voted for this man who approves of murdering innocent children!! Christ would not approve of this why should we? God help us all!!
Innocent children are being tortured..where is the news media covering this?

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Answer by Bibigirl
Because the majority of the media is liberal, they aren’t going to show the truth. Look how they swoon over Obama and make fun of real Americans.

Answer by
Its bad enough this goverment is “Opening Our Handbooks” to the media. NOW he’s travelling the globe appologizing for the “wrongs of America” like, America is the ONLY country causing all the ills of the world.

Let alone giving the terrorists cause for training their followers how to avoid torture by CRYING to a lawyer WE PROVIDE!

While Pres. Obama was running for the senate, he okayed late-term abortions. He also was okay for voting for legislation to allow kindergarteners to be taught ‘sex education’ in IL schools. How he won is BEYOND me! THen again, these are “bizarro times” in America. Get out to vote these idiots out, people.

Answer by the_hedda_lettuce
Most abortions are preformed on women that have had multiple abortions.
You would think the woman would get her tubes tied instead if birth control pills didn’t work, and the condoms kept ripping apart during sex.

Over $ 1 trillion dollars a year (USA) is utilized for parents with children under 18.
If the government no longer allowed abortions, that cost would excel tremendously.

Abortions are performed by scraping the wall of the uterus and sucking the remains out (for pregnancies up to 12 weeks gestation).

Second and third trimester pregnancies are aborted by adding chemicals into the blood stream creating dilation and still birth.

As far as the walking on water Obama-Jesus, you do know he reinstated a lot of Bush’s old policies regarding the torturing of prisoners and illegal wire tapping of phone lines, right?

Answer by Yaya
Sunshine, come into the light….

Answer by Rudi A
It seems to me that there is a little exaggeration here, and it is not all
of what you say it is. Some of us get quite emotional when describing
something, and it brings it out of context. God is the judge of all
mankind and He will punish all of us who do wrong, so I will play the
man role and only express my opinions, and will not judge as to who
is right and who is wrong, as there is a real judge that takes care of

Answer by Wrenched
Because it wouldn’t be consistent with BHO’s progressive, ultra-liberal handlers agendas. The reduction of the world population, equalization of world wide wages and product pricing can not go forward if the United States has a higher standard of living than the rest of the world. Elitist feudalism can not supplant the current forms of government without his handlers agendas & policies being his first priority.