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Why does a “loving God” sit back and allow children to be abused and killed when he has the power to stop it?

Posted in Child Care on 17th June 2011

Why does a “loving God” sit back and allow children to be abused and killed when he has the power to stop it?
All these people describe their God as such a “loving” and “caring “god” and remember “he sees everything”. What kind of “loving God” sits back and watches children, whom he supposedly loves and cares about, be tortured, molested and killed and does nothing to prevent it, after all he does have the power to stop it in a second. If we did that as humans, we would be arrested and thrown in jail! Please I’m interested in hearing a logical answer.

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Answer by BrendaWise
What makes you think “God” has that power?

Answer by CRtwenty
Why don’t you go and stop it yourself? You have power too. Don’t rely on God to solve your problems.

Answer by Randy _
God gave us free will – if He controlled us – we would not be free to do as we wanted and make decisions for ourselves.

Answer by noitall
Seeking god is a delusionary activity that leads people to great depths of depravity (child molester waco koresh). Seek good everywhere and god nowhere. Burn the child molesters where ever you spot them. The world will be a better place.

Answer by th!nK
first off men rebelled against God by eating the forbidden fruit(basically saying that I don’t need you anymore) ,so why on earth should God help.
second we have free will now to choose good or evil and it wouldn’t be called “free will” if god intervened in our lifes all the time would it now?!!

Answer by IveL
God gives us all the ability to choose right from wrong, unfortunately he can’t tell us what to do. The people doing this are the ones that are wrong, they’re the ones making the conscious choice to hurt this little angels. I hate reading or hearing about children getting hurt in the most horrible and inhumane ways. The thing that consoles me is knowing they’ll end up in a beautiful place where God will care for them and they’ll never know pain again.

Answer by Avatar
God gave humanity free will for a reason: So we make our own choices and take responsibility for them. Don’t try to turn God into a reprobate using human reasoning, it doesn’t work that way.

Answer by Terry S
God gives people the ability to stop it them self ,But because man has become so evil he not only will not help to stop it ,but glorifies its sickness

Answer by lewis512
God gave us a free will to live out our life from day one. You can choose to love him and go to heaven in the end or serve the devil and go to hell to spend eternity. God wants you to love him out of love for him and what he has to offer not fear. Hurting others is a sin but you have to choose if you want to and go to hell or be good. God could stop all sin. But we would have no say in how we live.

Answer by xoxo
I agree with you totally, thats why I prefer to think that there is no God all the stories in the bible is just that stories but if there is a GOD all of the things that happen is his way, In the bible all GOD was known for was getting angry and killing. He got upset and murdered millions of innocent people by dwowning them in a flood.

Why Does This ” All Loving” and ” All Caring” God Allow Evil And Suffering?

Posted in Child Care on 8th May 2011

Why Does This ” All Loving” and ” All Caring” God Allow Evil And Suffering?
– The Holocaust
– Genocide in Rwanda
– 9/11
– My Lai Massacre
– Child Soldiers
– Slavery
– Animal Abuse
– Sexual Abuse
– Ethnic Cleansing.

Why does an ” All loving” and ” All Powerful” God allow this?
and that list is only the start!
why doesn’t ” God” have the power to stop them? He doesn’t even give us any proof that he exists!
no1home2day- you made me ROFLMAO. my sins? I experienced child and sexual abuse when i was 7. Raped, beaten, burnt with cigarettes are only a few. That’s what I got for my sins? LOL

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Answer by Jon M dn ǝpıs sıɥʇ
All of those evils you listed are directly attributed to man’s free will.

If a tyrant or religious extremist decides to wreak havoc and instigate genocide, and you or I don’t stop him, then we all live with the consequences of that evil.

God isn’t doing those things. Man is, and man has the power to stop them.

Answer by God is Good!
Good question, a very complex one, but a good one.

I would recommend you read Dr Greg Boyd’s book, “Is God to Blame?”. He explores how our choices have consequences and the impact of God removing our ability to choose.

He suggests the major factors are:
1 – We live in a complex world. A world where what is good for us is also fatal for us (think water).
2 – We have free will
3 – There is power in prayer.


Answer by The Least of Jesus’ Brothers
Good question, long answer – see ‘problem of evil’

It has been brought up time and again by Philosophers throughout history.

Often the excuse is free will, as some answerers have already pointed out. However free will only accounts for a small portion of the horrific things that happen to people. Your examples illustrate those things where free will causes problems, and religious people won’t accept your examples as illustrations of an ‘evil’ god.

The problem arises in things like earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, floods, and the thousands of diseases caused by tiny microorganisms that would have to be a part of God’s creation.

Why does God allow natural disasters to kill millions of innocent people?

As far as free will – Mothers love their kids 99.9% of the time, but nobody says a mother does not have free will. They have a ‘tendency’ to love their kids. God WANTS us to be good, so why don’t we have that tendency?

Why didn’t God create man with a ‘tendency’ to do good things, and avoid evil things. This does not take away free will at all.

You must either accept that God did, in fact, ALLOW evil, regardless of free will, in quantities that are not necessary, or you must accept that God is not who people say he is, or you must accept that he doesn’t exist. These are the only options given the nature of the world we see.

A lack of God, and a knowledge of evolution explain exactly what we see – a turmoil of primal instinct and modern moral thinking working against each other.

Answer by Carl
From my limited recollection, all those acts were carried out by man on mankind.
Are you asking God to put you in a staightjacket where you are unable to do anything against His will? Where would be obedience due to love?

Answer by Makye
“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?” -Epicurus

Answer by no1home2day
God COULD stop all evil and suffering – by eliminating every selfish person from the face of the planet. Sadly, nobody would be left!

And what’s so hypocritical about this question is that mockers like you challenge the great flood (the historical account of Noah) because He DID actually wipe out all evil!

You can’t have it both ways – either God wipes out evil people (people who have broken His Moral Law by violating their own conscience), or He lets you live!

OR – He could turn you into a rock – rocks ALWAYS obey the laws God gave them – gravity, etc.

Look: Either you’re part of the solution (that is, you have repented of your sins and are no longer part of the group of people called “evil”), or you are still part of the problem (the cause of evil).

You realize, I trust, that it is total and pure hypocrisy to whine and complain about a problem that you’re helping to cause!

Repent of your sins, and the total amount of evil in the world will be reduced. Continue living a rebellious life against God, and the evil that you whine and complain about, continues!

God already told us how to live, to love each other, give to the needs of others, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, give comfort to those who mourn, forgive others when they harm you, and treat others the way you want to be treated. Are you even obeying? Then that is why there is evil – because of people like you who are in continuous disobedience to God!

Answer by Zak
god has given US the power to stop everything that we’ve started/created

he doesnt give us proof because he shouldnt have to, we need to find our way to him

“seeing is believing” doesnt fly in gods eyes

Answer by oldandtired
The Bible tells us to follow God and God alone. Most of the things you list were the result of men following men, and of course money and power. God does not intervene because He gave mankind the right to make choices. That is called freedom, which men are far too cowardly and stupid to embrace. Therefore man chooses to follow other men, quite often for a paycheck, benefits, and retirement. I wouldn’t blame God for what men do.

Answer by stlcardinal71
We sin. We continue to sin. I hate to say it but I see this question all the time. What if God finally said “No more suffering for my people, but those of you who do not believe in me, too bad!” It seems we are quick to blame God and do not want to believe in him because of the suffering in the world, but if he were just to fix everything then we would believe. It just isnt that easy!

Answer by Robert R
There’s a book entitled: A Good God and a Place Called Hell. God is Love, it’s true but He is also Holy and Just. He allowed bad things to happen because of man’s nature being sinful, this is just a fulfillment of the curse recieved by Adam and Eve back in the garden of Eden. Read Genesis 3 to lighten up your mind on this subject.

Why does Yahoo! allow some of these questions?

Posted in Babysitting on 3rd January 2011

Why does Yahoo! allow some of these questions?
Someone needs to do better “babysitting” of this site. Why do you think they don’t? I mean, some of these questions are sick.
It’s not the “stupid” questions that are objective, it’s the obscene. Yes, we have freedom of speech, but we still need to consider others feelings.

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Answer by TheBigQuestion
Its really upto the people how they want to use the site, by posting stuff thats pretty much vulgar and useless, they are basically wasting their own time and money.

Answer by mangchi26
Yeah I have questioned that myself why are some questions so dumb, like one that was asked yesterday i viewed ” I eat when I’m hungry, why do I not feel hungry after” lol. It’s common sense. It’s either done by a joke or we really have some people that don’t have a brain.

Yeah should get mods to approve questions lol

Answer by Trillian
It’s called Freedom of Speech which includes the freedom to ask stupid questions.