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Q & A: to help Siberian / Mal mix. (Agger Sion, snarl)?

Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

to help Siberian / Mal mix: question of TierneyLynne . (Agger Sion, snarl)?
I’m training my own service dog and I have been so much research I cannot even say! I looked very hard for the “perfect” dog and I honestly thought this was es.Also me and my mother decided to bring him home for a “babysitter” Trail and see how he reacts. Well, that was the whole approach a disaster. We did not think the dogs properly, and he growled at first. * (Now it is nice to them, and playing with them. He is still growling, when my husband is sterilized papilloin / on my bed with me.) He met my father, and this was a negative experience. My father was rude and fear Montee intentionally. That was just the beginning. My dad scared him a few times and finnally stopped. When my father thought Montee was “ok”, he called him to the ground. Of Corse Motee fear and dad was grabbed him by the collar to pass him, and Montee responded to protest in one. (Bark and maybe a little scared, but he threw himself forward in any way back though.) Now Montee’s afraid of my brother when he first goes into the house and other Männer.Ist this normal? Is it only because he is new and nervous, what do you think I should do? Wait it out and see what happens, or reverse it? He knows I’m the dominant. I’m sure before we got home. I am very strict with him, and very careful. (Sometimes a little too cautious.) Montee is 8 months and 90 portable nuetured Navigationsgeräte.Kann from this behavior can be trained? I have great hopes for him, but I realize that he is not a service dog to let me arbeiten.sorry also ask me how I should train for it. Sorry, I know this is a lot. Its just that he meant a lot to me, and I want a Chance.Wenn it does not work, as my mother wants to bring him in.Mein father is obviously a jerk when he feels intimidated. He is attracted not much of a way back Montee Person.Ich just after this episode, said no, waited for him to calm down and sit, let him outside to relax. I didn’t hit him or yell. I yelled at him know havn’t noch.Ich, very poor Montee. I feel terrible and I’m very very excited. He seems a great deal of respect for me but to show. (Let me go through the door first relaxed, quiet, walk behind me / sometimes, still working on this, very difficult, but overall he shows great respect. And the is very good to have a service dog. He is the first one I still want me to see this much respect.) Right now I’m just doing as Ceser Millan says. I have his books. (! Love it) Give him slowly wakls two times a day to work with him, etc.Es said nothing about it in his book, however Best Answer.

response from Carrie
it seems that your father was afraid of the dog and had to use his own aggression to the dog show he was boss. not a good you have to go with behavioral training to professional Montee healing. Happiness.

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