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Help to come up with a name for an early intervention agency?

Posted in Child Care on 26th January 2012

Help to come up with a name for an early intervention agency?
I am creating a new corp. and I need help to give it a name. This new agency will provide physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy to children from birth to 3 years of age at their residences/daycare. For example:”Step by Step”, “Comp Care”, “Theracare” and “Sunnydays” just to name a few existing corps.
Thank you so much!

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Answer by pat
toddler days… love therapy…brighter therapy..

13-year-old girl sues Child Support Agency for bankrupting her Dad?

Posted in Child Support on 17th November 2011

13-year-old girl sues Child Support Agency for bankrupting her Dad?

Another episode from the Kafkaesque world of “child support” (read “mommy support”) enforcement. If anybody had predicted this kind of nightmare 50 years ago, people would have laughed it off as a paranoid fantasy.

Interesting quote:

“Since it was created in 1993 the CSA has faced controversy. According to the Department for Work and Pensions a quarter of its decisions are later ruled to be ‘wrong’.”

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Answer by dark eyes
Maybe this will help… I just wish people would realize they’re children, they’re not dogs, stray cats…they’re our future, they’re here and they need taken care of.

I admit there are those that do take advantage of the system…both genders.;_ylt=Avl55o8keWzjaVJ0imRydDzty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091230055236AAwmYg8&show=7#profile-info-fDGPbwdsaa

Answer by Angela
A parent can brain wash their child to believing any thing they say is true.

A Babysitting Agency In Los Angeles – Find LA Sitters In A Click!

Posted in Babysitting on 7th June 2011

A Babysitting Agency In Los Angeles – Find LA Sitters In A Click!

Beginning the hunt for a swift and dependable procedure for finding a babysitting agency in Los Angeles? Every parent yearns once in a while for something different from that exhausting daily responsibility of watching kids. If you don’t have a network of local close relations who will be willing to come to your aid, then hiring a trustworthy sitter can be a huge support. One of the best and easiest procedures for finding a child care provider is to make use of an online database of babysitters. Follow these simple guidelines and discover how to discover a baby sitter by employing the best websites.

When searching for someone to look after your children, it is likely that you have certain personal requirements – job knowledge, maturity level, location, when they’re available, their caregiver rate, qualifications, job knowledge, etc. There’s no shortage of babysitters who fulfill the job requirements, the question is – how to choose the one who will best meet your needs? The most useful way to search for a babysitting agency in Los Angeles is to make use of specialized cross-country babysitting websites that can best create arrangements between sitters and families who live reasonably close to one another.

Search the internet, and you can find babysitting firms that give you the means to carefully describe the qualifications of the babysitter you have in mind and in no time at all provide you with a list of suitable candidates. There is a sitter locator tool that functions by going through the information in the list of qualifications of each babysitter and to pair it up with an appropriate family. Thus you will easily and quickly find babysitting professionals, full time or part time, university students or older, who now reside in your general area.

Advanced and professional agencies will facilitate your connection with suitable babysitter candidates via a convenient tool for online messaging. This means an easy method of getting in contact with possible sitters and lets you get going on the road to evaluating the sitters. In addition to their matching services, online babysitter sites help with a myriad of concerns which are related to hiring a babysitter, such as the essential background investigation and then the interview. Finding a babysitting agency in Los Angeles is possible with the use of a no-charge locator tool which is usually available on each online baby sitting service, but actually connecting with the users calls for your becoming a paying member. When one weighs the effectiveness of these childcare provider matching tools, it seems that they are a quick and inexpensive solution to this serious process. If you have plans to go out this week for a nice meal and a movie afterwards and your usual babysitter is booked up, then our service is what you need. In no time, you’ll be on your way to finding your super baby sitter!