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Can a gun rights advocates of “open carry” you help me with this question?

Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question of carytop : Can a gun rights advocates of “open carry” help me with this question ?
First and foremost, I am actually a gun owner and have a good knowledge of firearms. However, I was recently in the vicinity of a Starbucks in the Bay Area and, frankly, it unnerves me to see guys with guns in the public Sun I spoke with an officer with the San Jose police dept and he said the problem is that to “babysit” These guys have officers every time they have a presence and it may take them away from areas where a crime committed is. Also, believe it or not, I heard a “criminal” in the public say that he friends who are just “Blast all, get them before their weapons” if they ever need to have robbed a store. and quite frankly, “an armed society is a polite society” do not know for sure in many other countries.i work easy. Maybe I would have felt better if I went and had a simple conversation with one of them. ? Worry Best Answer:

response by Charles C
If the Bay Area of San Francisco is then the only people who would wear are open, the police. No open carry in Ca. in urban areas. Yes, I know where San Jose, just makes the point that your story has an error. The policeman would not have to babysit these guys, he would be arrested or at least write a ticket.

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