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Advertise for a Babysitting Job

Posted in Babysitting on 8th October 2011

Advertise for a Babysitting Job

In these tough economic times, you should have absolutely no trouble finding a babysitter. If you and your husband have just moved to a new city and do not have any free babysitter options (aka family members), then will need to start your research so that you two have a little time to yourselves! It can be difficult leaving your children with a stranger even just a few hours but if you do your research well, you will be able to find someone with whom you and your children feel comfortable, and someone who is prepared with free babysitting games to keep your children entertained and happy.

When advertising for a babysitting job, you might want to avoid posting fliers everywhere the first week you arrive in town. Instead, plan to stay home for a few weeks and try to get to know your neighbors and coworkers as well as get a feel for this new place. Your neighborhood is one of the best places to find potential babysitters. The teenagers that live here know the area well and their parents are close by should anything happen and they cannot contact you. You can also get a feel for who they are little by little and your children will also see them on a regular basis. The same theory works well for older siblings of the kids at your child’s elementary school and for teenagers who attend your place of worship.

Once you have found a few potential candidates, ask them if they would be interested to/able to baby-sit for your family. Teenagers nowadays have very packed schedules. They are at school all week and then fill their afternoon and early evening hours with play rehearsals, sports practice, and yearbook meetings. If your family has special needs, such as an infant or special dietary needs, then you need to make these factors evident when you are talking to potential babysitter. As long as you find a mature individual whom your children like, then you should be fine!

However, if no one is available time-wise or has the skills to take care of your children, you will need to advertise your babysitting job elsewhere. The internet is quickly becoming one of the best places to find a babysitter in your area. Several online babysitting sites allow you to post your family’s profile and allow you to search for and contact qualified sitters near you!

Where to advertise to find a basitter

Posted in Babysitting on 8th May 2011

Where to advertise to find a basitter

Article by Pieter West

Do you need to find a babysitter who can baby-sit for you on a regular basis?  Most parents, even those who consider themselves stay at home parents; will find themselves in need of a babysitter who can care for their children on a regular basis.  Sometimes the parent takes on an out of the home job.  For others it is because a babysitter is needed to spend time and take care of one child so that the parent can take the other child to regular lessons or activities.  Whatever the reason it is usually a lot easier to find babysitters to baby-sit for you on a regular basis than it is to line up several sitters to baby-sit for you once in a while.  Your first option, if you want to find a babysitter to baby-sit for you on a regular basis is to advertise at your local high schools and universities.  Students usually have more flexible schedules and will often work for lower wages than full time babysitters and nannies.  What’s more, a student is usually better able to take on a short term regular gig than a long term regular gig.  It is important, however, that you take steps to protect you and your family when you advertise openly to find babysitter.   Create a temporary e-mail address and use that as your point of contact.  This will help you do an initial screening of applicants without having to give out your personal information.Another option if you want to find a babysitter who can take on a regular babysitting job is to place advertisements online.  Online bulletin boards like Craigslist and Kajiji are full of ads that are posted by parents who are in need of a babysitter.  It is very important that you take steps to protect your family as well as yourself when you post ads online.  As with the ads you posted at the various schools, it is important that you protect your personal information for as long as possible before meeting potential applicants in person or introducing them to your children.  One of your best options if you need to find a babysitter on a regular basis is to work with a nanny placement or a babysitting placement agency.  These agencies typically work with adults who care for children on a full time basis, but it is possible to find a part time babysitter or nanny through them as well.  The biggest bonus to working with an agency is that the agency will usually have thoroughly screened its babysitters and nannies before they allow them to be placed with a family.  Of course, this does not mean that you shouldn’t check out the agency before you commit to working with it.Finding a babysitter for a regular babysitting gig doesn’t have to take a lot of work, it simply takes some time, patience and creativity. Take your time to interview and perform background checks on each potential babysitter and you will find that you can find a babysitter without too much trouble.

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Q & A: How to advertise babysitting services?

Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question of strawberry_koi : How to advertise babysitting services
I make a flyer for child care or “babysitter” more likely. I want to make sure that I can not solve, so foreign-sounding … Some details about me are: I’m verheiratetIch have a child of my own my prices are günstigIch I mention I’m 22Ich expierencedSollte none of these things? What would you put to read enough to trust someone with the care of your child? TK-Thanks, that was a bit daunting, but telling, too. lol .. Best Answer:

response of TK
I am a mother and low prices are great, but I would be scare … why are they so cheap? This background checks and what are your qualifications … CPR certified. I know that if a baby was chocking u would beat the crap out of the child when the food arrived (basically CPR) but it helps to have these qualifications. Their hours would be nice if you watch the children your child would be to be there, what do you do? You were a teacher, you work in a kindergarten or have seen other children do? if so I would like to see them as references. I think that’s experience. more info, the better bc there are so many creeps these days it is difficult to trust people with their children.

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