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Q & A: Are there open adoption “water down” the adoptive parents, the relationship with the child?

Posted in Child Care on 31st October 2010

question by mama kate an aunt ? Has “watered down” open adoption, the adoptive parents, the relationship with the child
I saw this quote from an adoptive mother in an answer to a question in a different area. “I’m not a fan of open adoption, in particular, to the point where the child communicates with the birth parents, I think that kind of turns adoption in “unpaid foster families” in a way. If I’m in an open adoption situation (such as the adoptive mother), I think I would do the communication, image transmission, etc., and I let the child know the name and face of the people I would not encourage the communication between the child and her.. If there were visits, so be it. Other than that, I think too much communication the potential confusion and dilution of the relationship between adoptive parents, mother and child. ” I was wondering if someone could, such as open adoption “watered down” to explain the relationship? As it is a relationship with a child’s biological family other than, say, a relationship with an aunt or uncle or cousin? Do these relations “water down” the parent-child relationship? How does a relationship with another family member manage to have this kind of effect on a parent-child relationship? How does a relationship between an individual effect or away from the relationship between another in any setting is I do not get it! Can anyone please help me understand this logic? Gypsy, this was not a PAP. These are their words. “My son had a closed adoption, know that he, not who they were until he passed his 21st birthday. He has his own communication and I have never spoken to them.” There are so many wonderful responses here I can choose not just one. Thank you for your opinions. I’m glad to know I’m not the only person who thinks REAL open adoption a good thing for everyone – especially children Tiger Lily, loves your answer – especially the Grinch reference Jessica, I think that it is the “ownership” Beigeschmack.So many of you “get it” and I really thank and appreciate it, are LIVING IT. They are the best examples of how it should be done Best Answer.

reply by Lisa
adoptive mother is insecure and everything about themselves and not the child. She is afraid that the child’s biological mother like better. She is jealous and kleinlich.Wenn an AP knowingly attempted to undercut and destroy the bond and relationship between birth parents and their children, that is the abuse.

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