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If adoption is so wonderful, why not everyone has another child to give a childless couple?

Posted in Child Care on 10th February 2014

If adoption is so wonderful, why do not all have another child to give a childless couple?
If adoption is such a wonderful and selfless gift, why not have a baby to give an infertile couple? Or is it because your child to strangers is not all it’s cracked up to be Best Answer (s):.

Answer by Dingo: D
Because it is a hard and painful thing to give up a child! I am part of a surrogate family, and I love my mother for the happiness it has brought, but Ia couples know it is a hard thing to go through!

Answer by Baby boomer rock fan
Well, that’s not really the question, right? Most people who believe adoption (of the newborn) is wonderful, believe because they think children are better in two-parent households with unrelated parents than in a single-parent home with their unmarried biological mother. So seen from this point of view, it would not make sense to have a child for a couple, just to make it think to verschenken.Ich personally, contraception or abstinence is still more wonderful as an acceptance if a woman is not ready to be a mother. But that’s just my opinion.

Reply amyhpete
It is not a lack of children who need homes. Of all the children on here in the U.S., to the actual orphans overseas, we did not generate new bundle of joy to be for all childless homes full of love and laughter. Prospective adoptive parents have only their heads to children who actually open without family, and adopt them.

Answer by Nola
Awww, yes. Its great! So great! How to increase your claws on baby another woman is wayyy more fulfillment than with your own child! I think you can be here on something … I’ll get the word out tooo! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Reply by Marnie B
you are misunderstanding what adoption is. People do not want to give “race” babies to infertile couples and no one goal, a child and gives it up for adoption has. It is something that if someone faced with an unplanned pregnancy can be the best choice in the situation to be, and hopefully they will be a certain satisfaction in the fact that they find something wonderful for the acceptance pair, even if it is to do painful .

Reply frockney
@ amyhpeteNein, there are no foreign orphans out there waiting for the great Yankee saviors show up and save them from a life as a non-American. According to UNICEF, only 3% of children abroad (or orphanages as the romantic love in this world to call them) in children’s homes are real orphans who have no remaining living relatives. Also Madona adopted a child whose biological father still alive war.Auch according to UNICEF, 2/3 (two thirds!) The concern international adoptions affected Kinder.Und why people do not, the older children on Adopt-Us-Kids adopt? Because adoption is not a selfless wonderful thing. It is an excuse. As long as childlessness is to have a failure, and not just a normal state of children is not seen, it is stopped when Russia shot adopters hunt for vulnerable young mothers to sein.Haben the figures of the cute, blonde, blue-eyed children in Russian “orphanages” suddenly assumption to America? No. Strange, is not it? So, let’s get this straight, acceptance creates so-called orphanages because demand from the West makes child trafficking lucrative. So, childless couples, please, please, stop being a market for stolen children. Go to the fertility clinic and the best hoffen.Und where those who say: “If you love these children so much, why do not you take into foster care” are concerned, first, I love them so much, I do not think they would be served by me. I love them so much, I think they deserve proper educators as mentors and not a strange home with “parents” with a smug sense of holiness. Secondly, I love the rest of my family so much, I do not want my to schieben.Und on an adult child with questions on them, a child to a childless couple? Would they do the same if the situation was reversed

Answer by Philippa
– Fertile women should not be expected to produce babies for infertile couples -. Fertile women are people with real emotions not broodmares, incubators or breeder -. From my own experience surrendering = pain, pain, sadness, anger at those who forced me (because I have them forgiven), causes severe depression that I still struggle with, have even harm and suicidal

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> Answer by Sam I think adoption is great,,,, I have adopted 3 Jugendliche.Ihre mother is pregnant again … Baby number nine. It has nothing collected from their children, they all end up in foster care. This is a case where the parents make bad decisions, the use of drugs and neglect their children …. Acceptance is the only way these children get a normal Familie.Melden Simply as foster parents and see how many beds they fill with children who need a home. No new babies are needed … almost all nursing homes are already full!

Reply eagle dreams
adoption is or should be the last resort for a child sein.Nur when all hope is increased by biological compounds exhausted should werden.Adoption drawn alternatives into consideration then the stability of a child who might not otherwise have in their lives should geben.Es this child be focused. CHILD not as an adult unfortunately it seems to be, if there are those who claim to be a perfect child to fühlen.Die reality reality and fantasy is fantasy and the two should not be romantically intertwined, where acceptance betrifft.Wie for people who have a to give a child to a childless couple ………. this should be a non-starter.

I don’t understand this about the Christian view on gay adoption?

Posted in Child Care on 17th September 2012

I don’t understand this about the Christian view on gay adoption?
Ok in the question I asked about why Conservative Christians oppose gay adoption when it could help prevent abortions by creating more families to take unwanted children, this is one of the responses:

“gay couples adopting. – It’s about signing on to the whole gay agenda thing where one of the major goals seems to be making homosexual and lesbian relationships accepted as “just another normal lifestyle choice”. Supporting adoption of children by gay couples is another step in this process and Christians don’t want to be a part of telling people that a behavior the Bible says will disqualify a person from being with God when they leave this earth is OK and should be approved of and made equivalent to marriage.

It’s not “hating gays” to want them to be with you when you get to Heaven. Hating gays would be telling them “Oh yeah. Everything is fine. Go ahead and do what you want to. God doesn’t care,” when they know that the Bible says otherwise.”

How can they say they don’t hate gays when they describe as abnormal like that? When they deprive them of living their life to the same richness as everyone else? Anti-gay Christians why can’t you just own up to the fact that it’s hate?

Best answer(s):

Answer by FROG E
Homosexual sex is a sin against God.
God established marriage between a man and a woman….it is symbolic of His relationship with us…Just because I love God does not mean that I hate gays.

Answer by izzy
I’m Christian and I fully support gay adoption. If a baby can go to a loving home instead of being aborted, why not? Gay people are just as capable of loving and caring for a child as anyone else. A lot of Christians are the most hateful, judgmental people I’ve ever met.

Answer by Alton S
Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

Homosexuality is an abomination , Homosexuals are going to hell , they have been warned by God Almighty . Drunkards, Adulterers,Liars are also going to hell. ROMANS 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. Homosexuality is a one of the worst sins possible in my opinion. AS far as Abortions go they shouldn’t even be an option , Killing a baby is straight out of Hell. I don’t understand how anyone could kill a Baby. A souless , Heartless person is the only one that could.

Answer by Kathy
Oh brother. These people must be prejudice against blacks and jews to, they are not who “they ” think other people should be. I am a gay mother. I have raised my daughter into a beautiful loving and talented trumpet player. She gives back to her community and has gone to church most of her life. She does not “hate” or dispise or treat others badly because they are different from her or sees things different than she does.
I know of sooo many heterosexuals who have done ALOT of VERY BAD things and have abused their own children and have been adulters and theifs and, ect ect. what is the difference? There are just as many “bad” hetero’s as there are homosexuals.
I get so tired of people acting as God and telling others what they are doing wrong. That is a person’s choice and they deal with God on their own. BUT God doesn’t judge and if these people are so christian and religous why are THEY juding anyone!

Q & A: Why boycott Wendy, if you is not objected foster care adoption?

Posted in Child Care on 19th November 2010

question of monkeykitty83 : Why boycott Wendy, if you do not oppose adoption of foster care’s
A while ago a question was asked about Wendy’s restaurant chain, and some people said they boycotted because the Dave Thomas Foundation promotes adoption. I found that confusing, because the Foundation apparently only supports foster care adoption, and some of the people, they also often recommend boycott people to adopt from foster care, as saying. “The children need at home” The first three things on see the Foundation’s website:.. “Finding Forever Families for Children in Foster Care” “If not now, when waiting for children with your help we can find a family for every child in care” “Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 public charity dedicated to dramatically increasing adoptions of the more than 150,000 children waiting in foster care systems in North America. “So … what gives with the boycott? The organization is pretty clear on their goals – and I literally quoted the first things on their site – and most people here do not oppose allegedly foster care adoption. In fact, we (me included) recommend foster care adoption throughout the Zeit.So … Why are some people on this site to boycott a foundation that agrees with you? Can anyone explain the logic? Red Elephants, it was a while ago, so I’m not surprised it’s not fresh in the memory. I’m not sure exactly when she was asked, but I think it was sometime in the fall – maybe in October or November? I have no idea why it suddenly in my mind apart from the fact I tend to have strange thoughts when cooking … Best Answer:

reply Ruebedo
Like most things political these days, people do not bring much, if any, thought into something in those days.

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