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If it does not really belong politically correct, always a child as an adopted child …?

Posted in Child Care on 31st October 2010

question of carry Anna Leigh : If it’s not really politically correct, always read a child as an adopted child …?
why is it ok to always refer to children in foster care as a “foster parent” children? Adopted is a verb not an adjective, it is wa child came into the family. Why should a child always reminded that they have a “Foster” are child (adoption is how a child came into the family …) Best answer.

reply raistlyn727
It is not only no one has any really cool, but thought explanitory labels to stay there, rather than “politically correct” are. And please, if you ever a foster child who has forgotten that * it * in foster homes run acrossed, I want to know, because foster parents deserve an award.

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