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How come even the staff of David Wu (D) admit that he needs psychiatric care?

Posted in Child Care on 27th March 2012

How come even the staff of David Wu (D) admit that he needs psychiatric care?
hese included an aggressive, rambling 19-minute speech delivered on Oct. 27, and an Oct. 29 attempt to get US Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to speak to his children on his cell phone.

On Oct. 30, before the second intervention, staffer Lisa Grove wrote an email to her colleagues that read: “This is way beyond acceptable levels and the charade needs to end NOW. No enabling by any potential enablers, he needs help and you need to be protected. Nothing else matters right now. Nothing else.”

According to the Willamette Week, Wu also sent a female staffer an email containing a photo of himself dressed in a tiger costume on Oct. 30.

Wu’s office said Friday that he had opted to seek “professional medical care.”

In a statement, Wu said he was “not always at [his] best with staff or constituents.”

“Some of my stress was derived from a very tough campaign, but I was also dealing with raising two children alone and the death of my father,” he wrote. “I fully acknowledge that I could have dealt with these difficult circumstances better, and I remain focused on being a good father to my children and a strong representative for the people of Oregon.”

Proof from his own staff that Democrats need mental help

Best answer(s):

Answer by Jim C
Alot of democrats need help

Answer by Chewy Ivan 2
Because being a single parent, dealing with the death of a parent, and defending yourself from a big budget public smear campaign is a lot for one person to handle at once.

Answer by Miss Nancy
Because they saw that his behavior was odd, sure glad he belongs to Oregon.

Answer by student_of_life
“Proof from his own staff that Democrats need mental help” and no Republican has ever needed mental help?

By your reasoning I could say: Mark Foley engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with underage boys. Mark Foley is a Republican. That is proof that Republicans engage in inappropriate sexual conduct with underage boys!

See the stupidity?

How can a parent be so shallow and actually admit this to their child?

Posted in Child Support on 25th February 2011

How can a parent be so shallow and actually admit this to their child?
In high school I had a girlfriend who’s mother HATED me. She always said it was because of our age difference, two years. Well at one point we broke up and she dated a friend of mine the same age. Her mother loved him. When asked why she hated me and loved him when they were the same age she stated “Well his parents are rich and if you accidental get pregnant by him you will be well off in child support”

Seriously Seriously how awful is that. The mom had no idea we were still friends and she told me what her mother said

Best answer(s):

Answer by Court2114
She’s a witch. Although, she was probably seeing this as her having good intentions…she’s just a major major witch.

Don’t take it personally…the world is full of them. At least you know that she didn’t rub off on her daughter. That awful cycle was put to a stop thankfully.

Answer by Chris
Some people are just shallow, that is a fact of life. I give her mom credit for being so candid.

Answer by Maybe I’m Amazed
I would say that the woman has issues that have nothing to do with you or your circumstances. Thank your lucky stars she isn’t your MIL. That poor girl…that’s her mother.

Answer by jsgnisnvfisefhnoiouifefnsjna

Answer by Bernie
Suerly the girl could have made up her own mind and followed her heart. It’s a rare thing that a teenager would listen to their parent. It might have been said as a joke.

Answer by LindaLoo
Well surely you realize that becoming a parent doesn’t make your imperfections and shortcomings go away…. however sad this is – it’s all too common an attitude even though not too many would admit to it! And we wonder why children from such parents grow into the adults they do!!! ???

Answer by Eddie Cacciatore, Private Eye
Well, teen pregnancy is very tough on girls. It really changes their lives. Meanwhile, most teen fathers are not up to the task of being a dad. The mother was being practical, in my opinion.

Yeah, she didn’t know you. And it would be your duty to prove her wrong. My MIL hated me because I was a college guy. People are weird.

Admit it, you do not really know if a child dies every four seconds in Africa …?

Posted in Child Care on 20th November 2010

question of Dolkite : Give it to that you do not really know if a child dies every four seconds in Africa …?
I’m sick of those damn ads on each question to us pictures of screaming babies should tug at our tear glands and shower us with guilt knows how to zeigen.Ich, it sounds cold hearted, but of interest to you really know (I mean “care” in more to do than to say: “Yes, it’s sad,” or perhaps quarter to give some alms on the street) if they are dying like flies over there Best Answer:

response of mucus
No, I do not know.

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